Enjoy Jai-Jagdeesh’s “With You” from I Am Thine!

Sat nam everyone!

We love hearing your feedback and many of you didn’t like our Free Music Friday moving to a Facebook app.  So we are moving it back to the normal email distribution.

We didn’t want any of you to miss this amazing song from debut artist Jai-Jagdeesh (who will be performing at Spirit Fest this year).  Her album “I Am Thine” sold out at Summer Solstice and continues to amaze people everywhere!

This link to download her song “With You” will be up and running until the next Free Music Friday as a little treat.  Free Music Friday will continue to be a one day download after this.

Click here to download With You!




The Spirit Voyage Free Music Friday Team

Click here to listen to and purchase I am Thine by Jai-Jagdeesh!


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  1. Thanks Ramdesh this song matters it touches the soul and I felt is stir me inside as soon as I heard it.



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