Chanting the Akal for a Falling Star

It has taken me awhile to write this blog. Grief and shock go hand in hand, neither lending themselves to an exalted piece of writing. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that I don’t have to write something miraculous…nothing that I write with stale words could ever do justice to the vibrant life of a friend.

Lindy “Morningstar” Morris was a dear friend. A master of living off the land, she revered animals in a way far too few do today. She knew the old ways of living, by yourself and with what the earth provides, in the outback of Australia. She taught a return to the wisdom of living with a small footprint. She heard the voices in the wind and the trees and the brook and the hoof and the scale and the feather. She lived on the leading edge of thought and remembered the divine each and every day.

She passed in a flash of lightening and a fallen oak, deep within the forest of her adopted American home. She was surrounded at her end by mutual loved ones. I wish I could have been there to hold her hand and remind her, needlessly, to be brave. She was always brave.

I can offer her no stunning eulogy, no worthy prose. I can offer her only the Akal, the chant of a tradition that was not hers, but which she would have appreciated. Chanting “Akaaaaal” is said in the Kundalini Yoga tradition to help liberate the soul from the dense field of the earth, giving it a boost into the peace of the divine beyond. Akal means undying, and it is the truth of the soul. It means that there is no death, only liberation.  It reminds both the departed and those who remain behind of our true identity as deathless souls.

Shine like the Morning star, dear one. We will meet again.

Akaaaaaaaaaaaaal.  Akaaaaaaaaaaaaal. Akaaaaaaaaaaaaal.

Want to use the Akal for your friends and loved ones? There are two beautiful recorded versions that I love to use. One by Snatam Kaur is available as an MP3 free download here on Spirit Voyage and a new version is sung by Simrit Kaur on The Sweetest Nectar.  There is also the book Dying into Life, which provides much information on handling death and dying with the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga.

On Spirit Voyage’s “Meditation Home” it says:

Meditation: Sending the Soul to God  

Mantra: Akal


Sit in easy pose, with a straight spine, and slightly tuck the chin in. With the elbows straight bring the hands into Gyan Mudra. Gyan Mudra is where the Jupiter finger touches the thumb and the elbows are straight as seen in the picture, with the hands resting on the knees.






Teacher’s Notes & More Information:

Yogi Bhajan taught that a soul stays in the Earth’s vibration for 17 days after leaving its body. Chanting Akal daily for those 17 days is very helpful for them. It is a very powerful chant when done with a group, especially if that group is focusing its group energy on a single soul.

For your own practice, you would ideally chant twice per day for the first 3 days, 2 ½ hours before sun rises and sets. Then continue on once daily for the reamining 14 days.


(Editor’s note: Portions of this blog were originally posted on Ramdesh’s personal blog No Ordinary Light.)


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  1. Beautiful post, Ramdesh!


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