Celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday With Us!

Yogi BhajanEvery year we celebrate Yogi Bhajan’s birthday (August 26th), to pay respect for the beautiful teachings of Kundalini yoga.  People all over the globe join together to chant for the 11 days leading up to his birthday and then have a special global meditation on the day of his birth, followed by a very special morning sadhana  practice.  Join us!  Here’s how…

Eleven Days of Chanting

August 15-25.  Chant 31 minutes of Yogi Bhajan’s personal mantra: Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru.  In many community, the chanting is held at different people’s homes each night (followed by a yogic supper!) and family and friends come together to share stories of his life and legacy.  Each evening, settle down to offer him (and yourself), the blissful nectar of chanting and feel yourself connect with your 3HO family the world over!

Simultaneous Global Chant

On August 26th, at exactly 6am EST/3am PST, we all chant Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru for 11 minutes.

A Special Yogi Bhajan Birthday Sadhana the morning of August 26th is suggested as well: 2 1/2 hours of Long Ek Ong Kars!  Whether you are chanting by yourself or in a group, visualize yourself surrounded by your international spiritual family!

How You Can Participate on Spirit Voyage

Spirit Voyage Radio will have a 31 minute Guru Ram Das playing everyday during the 11 days of chanting, and we will have several versions of Long Ek Ong Kars for you to use during the August 26th special sadhana. (Don’t want to listen to all the tracks on the radio?  Skip ahead to the song you want by clicking on the title of what you want to listen to.  And Click HERE to launch the radio player.  You can find it on www.spiritvoyage.com on the upper right hand corner anytime you want.)

Tell us you are participating in the comments below and we’ll choose one lucky participant on August 26th for a free download of Snatam Kaur’s 31 minute “Guru Ram Das” from her album Connect and Heal!



  1. What a beautiful story Gurmukh Kaur,thanks for sharing… I love hearing stories about Yogi Ji. Wish I had met him.
    I will join the meditation and will celebrate with our Sangat Yogi Ji’s Birthday in Lima, Perú.
    Thank you so much for sharing the music !!

    Love & blessings

  2. I wish I would have seen this sooner, but here I am, and today it is also my birthday! Thank you for your wonderful works and legacy, YB! Sat Nam.

    • Happy birthday Adarshpal Singh…you can celebrate at any time! :)

  3. Just read the email (I’m new to all of this, relatively; about a year or less) about the birthday participation; it falls on my wedding anniversary; I’ll do my best, and I’m starting today. Thanks for your radio access — much appreciated; now I just have to decide which long ek ong kar to choose for my itunes library. Best always –:-)

  4. Well above says my comments are awaiting moderation. Yes, he also told me I talked too much, so I had to be a teacher, to put my talking to good use. So many things he taught me. i wonder if anyone has any pictures of the old Ash Ram in Phoenix, or the Grainery, or the Tucson Ash Ram. Just wondering

  5. Yogi Bhajan was a positive strong father figure to me, when I hadn’t had that before, or since. I was a young, maybe one of the youngest females to become a Kundilini Yoga teacher at the time I did in 1972. I lived in the Ash Ram in Phoenix AZ during and after teacher training for a couple years, and the “Grainery” nearby. Some of the most wonderful things I remember about Yogi was his laughing eyes, and as a teenager, I often thought he was laughing at me, and he was, kind of. I was stubborn, lost, thought I knew the way, I didn’t. Did I say I was stubborn. He knew me, named me, and gave me his quiet strength to balance me out, for all these years, I thank you Yogi. At age 56, he is still the strongest male influence in my life. I wish I’d kept closer to his teachings, and the life I started there, and find I’m returning to it now. If he were here for me to ask, or voice regrets like these, he’d say, your just where your supposed to be, smile, with his eyes, then his beautiful smile. He’d probably ask me if I am still as stubborn, already knowing, I’d have to say, no, I’m not. It took all these years for life to humble me very much in fact. Tried to to it on my own, alone. I had a chance to marry at a Summer Solstice way back then, but I was too stubborn to surrender.
    Yogi let me know that I did not have to give anything up. I could keep being me, whatever that it was I wanted to be, I just didn’t know yet. He let us all know, that being Sikh, or a Kundilini Yoga teacher, or practicing Kundilini Yoga did not take away from who, or what we were, it added to it. It did not require us to give up other spiritual beliefs, or traditions. He was able let us know, let me know, that I did not have to feel threatened, or diminished by being a Sikh. Coming from a house hold that was threatening, and without direction or balance, this was awesome, to have direction, strength, and still freedom, and guidance. I look at his picture now, and wish I could take his hand again, and thank him. Thank him for the vow of silence he put me on, for telling me I could not say no, for a week, and must do whatever is asked of me. For teaching me some of the first Yogi teas in the kitchen in Phoenix, as we stirred in Oat Straw, and pepper, honey and milk. I still can’t thank you for the Creosote tea, no thanks you. I still wear the Sikh bracelette I got that Summer Solstice in 1972, it is the wedding ring I did not take. It is the ring that I’ve never taken off, to remind me that God and me, we are all one. I’m not sure it will come off now, I’ve grown a bit, years of massage therapy taught to me at that Ash Ram, and years living that have mad my hands not so small and delicate as that teenage girls were. But my spirit is, at the same time bigger, and smaller, than it was back then. I have learned to be humble, quieter, and want to Thank you Yogi Bhajan, for letting me learn from you, just by you being there, being the quiet strength I needed. Your little one, Gurumukh Kaur 1972

    • I love this story! Thank you for sharing…

  6. Thank you. I’m in! What a celebration! I’m meditating alone at home but feel I am united with countless souls from the past, present, and future. Wahe Guru!

  7. Sat Nam!
    I’ m from Brazil and participate here in my state, Minas Gerais.
    It’s so blessful to take part of my Sangat here and in all this internacional movement!
    Wahe Guru!

  8. I’m so happy to express my infinite love for the GREAT MASTER!!!!!!
    The air is filled with his spirit SAT NAM!!!!

  9. Hi Ramdesh and SV Family!

    I have a question will you have an 2 1/2 hour looping of Ek Ong Kar on the 26th too? That would be great. Thanks so much and wishing you light! Juliana/ Har Anand

  10. I am starting the practice today. I am so excited to be a part of this precious sadhana and cannot wait to chant Ek Ong Kar on Yogi Bhajan’s b-day!! I love that! I send blessings and light to all who are participating in the practice to celebrate his life, his spirit and his work! Sat Nam!!

  11. Greetings from Portland OREGON!!

    love love love LOVE that you guys have the 31 minute tracks on the SV radio – so helpful!! We’ve got folks hosting and evening and are not sure how to get a recording so this is perfect! Some folks have been “looping” a shorter recording…so this is just great!

    This year we’ve had a great turnout and folks jumped at the chance to host a meditation in their home.Wahe Guru!


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