Kundalini Yoga Mantras to Cope With Loss

If you ever find yourself with a mantra stuck in your head, or wake up with one circling your psyche, it is not a mere coincidence. Each mantra is a highly nuanced and prescriptive current of energy that seeks us out when we need it most. So, on a beautiful afternoon in Australia while leading a retreat, when Thapia Na Jai came to my mind, I went looking for its meaning and the power that it bestows.


Sobagh Kriya: Invoke the Wealth of the Universe

When I first encountered the Sobagh Kriya (aka Subagh Kriya) to “invoke the wealth of the universe,” I was intrigued. It sounded like a tall order, especially when I read that Yogi Bhajan described it as “the most sacred and absolutely most powerful kriya for Kundalini Yoga.” But I believe in the power of mantra and meditation, so I decided to try it as a 40-day practice. What did I have to lose? (Especially since our checkbook had been dwindling away to nothing, and bills were piling up.) The idea of a little wealth was enticing!