Healing With Mantra

I am no stranger to cancer; 11 years ago, I faced down breast cancer. But when the Big C comes to visit your child (in my case my eldest son, a young adult), it’s another story. Fear. Denial. Helplessness. There is nothing worse for a mother than knowing that her child is in harm’s way.


Sushmuna by Guru Shabad Singh

Guru Shabad Singh is a legend in the Kundalini Yoga chant world. His extensive discography is full of incredible mantra music created to bring you deep into the sound current and into the blissful state of simran.


Chanting So Purkh For My Sons

I’m chanting So Purkh again for 40 days. It’s something I do every so often as the mother of three sons. Chanting mantras makes me feel powerful when I’m feeling powerless; when I’m feeling that I can’t heal my heart, or solve my sons’ problems, or guarantee that my kids will be safe.