Healing With Mantra

I am no stranger to cancer; 11 years ago, I faced down breast cancer. But when the Big C comes to visit your child (in my case my eldest son, a young adult), it’s another story. Fear. Denial. Helplessness. There is nothing worse for a mother than knowing that her child is in harm’s way.


Chanting So Purkh For My Sons

I’m chanting So Purkh again for 40 days. It’s something I do every so often as the mother of three sons. Chanting mantras makes me feel powerful when I’m feeling powerless; when I’m feeling that I can’t heal my heart, or solve my sons’ problems, or guarantee that my kids will be safe.


The Sound of Kundalini Yoga Music

I am married to a classical musician, and I studied piano for more than a decade, so I was familiar with the power of music long before I met up with Kundalini yoga. When I first began practicing yoga, I found that music could uplift or distract my practice. I began with Vinyasa yoga and in many classes we practiced in silence. In some classes teachers played beautiful music with Sanskrit chants and in others, I heard music by popular artists. But a huge musical surprise awaited me with my first Kundalini yoga class!


Get To Know Lee Mirabai Harrington – “Beyond The Beyond: A Mantra Music Experience” is now available

The much anticipated debut album by Lee Mirabai Harrington launches on Friday, Feburary 5! Beyond the Beyond: A Mantra Music Experience” delivers high-spirited & ultimately transcendent renditions of ancient Sikh, Hindu & Tibetan Buddhist mantras in styles ranging from gospel to rock, traditional, disco & beyond. Known for her rich and powerful voice, Lee sings with devotion, dharma and love, bringing you into a space of devotion and joy!


Kundalini Yoga – Mantras for Healing

Mantras have a powerful effect on the immune system. Chanting stimulates the hypothalamus, the region of the forebrain that produces vital hormones in the immune system. Chanting is also a great way to de-stress. Mental or emotional stress disturbs the hormonal balance in the body and weakens the immune system. So if you’re feeling a little ‘under the weather’ – chant mantras!


Kundalini Yoga – Mantras to Overcome Depression

One of the biggest challenges we face today is depression. So many people feel overwhelmed, over-worked, and chronically tired. The leading cause of depression is stress. Stress induced by all the elements of our modern world, information overload, constant stimulation, and rapid change. The body’s natural response to stress is to calm or ‘depress’ the nerves. If left unmanaged, this depression slows down our body’s systems and causes fluctuations in our moods and decreases our motivation. Depression also effects us in an energetic way; it weakens our aura and the electromagnetic field around the heart leaving us susceptible to toxic behaviors and environments.