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Living with Teenagers: 3 Ways to Give Meaningful Attention

Sometimes our near grown children become our teachers as they introduce us to fresh ways to do things and creative ideas to embrace. There are moments when we find ourselves talking to sensible, responsible beings who feel like new friends. These wonderful times are followed, sometimes instantly by confrontations with sullen, shouting teenagers who act as if we were the enemy from whom they must escape. Our own feelings grow confused, we feel sympathetic, then resentful, wanting to help them and yet wishing sometimes they would go off somewhere and leave us alone.


3 Simple Ways to Honor Your Inner Goddess

For many women, getting their period is something to dread. Especially if you suffer from heavy bleeding & painful cramps, there seems to be nothing beautiful about menstruating. Yet this time is very much sacred. As women,3 Simple Practices for Your Moontime the time around our cycle is a time to turn inward & make self care a priority.


From Gossip to God’s Lips

Is it possible for human beings to evolve negative gossip into something more conscious, more graceful, more divine? Is it about time we move on from the proliferation of gossip columns and talk shows to something more sacred? Quite frankly, my beloved Sisters, I am bored with insider information about friends, celebrities, leaders, and politicians!


How To Transform Jealousy into Love

Imagine overhearing the jealous and mean thoughts and consider how it could cause you to feel, if you were the person being judged. Consider what you would wish the judging / jealous person to know about you. This is a great exercise in itself. It reveals the many ways you can show more empathy and shine light on the many perspectives you haven’t previously considered. Remember, this isn’t about self judgment but rather a recognition for growth.


Embracing the Journey: Conscious Breathing

Since I was the breath, the whole learning took a liking to being itself, and it was living through me instead of conglomerating for future gratification and use. Conscious breathing is one of the most incredible gifts that we can offer to ourselves. Kundalini Yoga offers many different types of breathing techniques to increase awareness, calm the mind, and guide a person to the presence of every moment.


3 Ways to Break Free from Jealousy

Jealousy – the attack of the big, green-eyed monster! Last year I found myself plagued by jealousy which seemed come out of nowhere. It took me off guard. All of a sudden, I was having jealous and mean thoughts about someone who I really cared for. Thoughts that I knew were unhealthy and I always regretted. Thoughts which I confirmed, “Yes! This is not who I choose to be”.