Yogi Stories

Unlocking My Infinite Potential

5 Infinite Potential Yoga Studio came into existence. Though I owned it, the warm and welcoming space in Raton was where I became the instrument to guide Kundalini Yoga classes in the small community of Raton in New Mexico. It was and achievement I was proud of. A beautiful space in which I was excited to gracefully teach all who were willing to


The Goddess Within

In the many faces of the Divine Feminine, we have goddesses that function as archetypes, deities and higher energies to love, protect, heal and guide us in our own unique path. There are the well-known Hindu goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. There is the Buddhist goddess Tara with several representations; with green and white being the most commonly known Tara(s). There is the adoring Christian goddess Mother Mary. And, one of my favorites is the Greek goddess Hekate.


Kriya for Awakening to Your 10 Bodies: My Way to Peace of Mind

Basically the meditation and regular Practice and exercise I had been hungry for was the very thing my numerology confirmed I needed. I felt so relieved. I no longer felt lost on my path. No longer did I feel like a failure for not participating in Jap Ji. My sister recommended to me the Kriya for Awakening to Your 10 Bodies, and of course regular meditation. This is something I am able to do, that I can commit to. It doesn’t take hours of my life, even as a mom I can always manage it. In fact my son often joins me in my practice. He evens asks, ‘when we will do it today?’


A Journey Within: Inspire Truth

As I watch the days fall away from the eve of January 1st, 2016 I continue to feel a strong desire to carve out ways to inspire truth in my life. Old beliefs, pattern and emotions are surfacing and falling way. Space is being created through conversation, community, co-creation, retreats, ceremony, gatherings and dreaming.


A Journey Within: Peace, Love & Truth

The holiday season is amongst us and even in my greatest effort to hold my own definitions and beliefs about what this season means to me, it’s nearly impossible to escape the collective buzz. Countless events and celebrations, gatherings and parties, craft making and buying, volunteering, donating, baking goodies, brunch dates and dinners. It’s everywhere.



Right now, as I invite in my experience of vulnerability I appreciate the fine line between fear and excitement. I have chosen excitement. I still have the jitters but I am present. It feels a little outside my comfort zone as by writing I am pushing my boundaries, I am stepping into the unknown. I am knowingly revealing my flaws and inviting in opinions and energy from others. For me to stay in excitement and out of fear I must do one thing. Breathe – mindfully.