Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Aykanna ‘s Light in the Darkness

Amazing Aykanna duo Sukhdev and Akahdahmah, “a husband and wife transformational team” joins Ramdesh today. Their new album is called Light in the Darkness: Meditations for Transformation, a collection of mantras specifically for meditation practice. “You’re going to love every drop of juiciness that comes out of this conversation!” Ramdesh predicts. It’s all about living the practice!


Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Lee Mirabai Harrington – Beyond The Beyond

Singer/writer Lee Mirabai Harrington joins Ramdesh today to talk about her brand new debut album Beyond the Beyond: A Mantra Music Experience. Ramdesh loves introducing a new musician with fresh music who is launching onto the kirtan scene so it’s her honor on this podcast to welcome this very special “best kept secret.” You’ll hear about Buddhist Mantra, Hindu Mantra and Gurmukhi mantra on this unique show.