Kundalini Horoscope: September 5-11, 2016

Tuesday is a day to see things to completion. Finish the job. Instead of letting loose ends continue to dangle. Take care of them. Stop procrastinating. Your determination is strong now. Do what you need to do and get the job done. Stop making excuses. It will be easier just to finish the project that is on the table.


Kundalini Horoscope: August 8-14, 2016

The week is off to a challenging start. The Moon is void-of-course starting Monday at 1:41pm EST (10:41am PST), suggesting that for the remainder of the day, we’ll be feeling off-kilter and off-balance. Our beacon of intuition is not there for us at this start of the week, making us feel lost in the clouds.


Kundalini Horoscope: August 1-7, 2016

Monday’s Moon in Cancer puts special emphasis on the Mother, and reminds us to be extra grateful for our Mother – not just the woman who brought us into this life, but also the Earth itself, the home which sustains us and supports us. Monday calls for us to appreciate our home and focus on domestic issues. Stay in and clean the house. There is no need to find excitement elsewhere tonight.


Kundalini Horoscope: July 25-31, 2016

The Sun is in Leo now, so the atmosphere has changed. The background music is one of jovial fulfillment. It is a happy time; a time to hang out with children and remember that innocent goodness of being a kid again. It is a time to express yourself through joyful play.