Kundalini Horoscope: January 23-29, 2017

As we come into this period of the lunar cycle it is best to chose yoga kriyas that are more meditative and introspective as opposed to practicing sets that are more physically challenging. This is a time to go inward and nourish the self. Be patient with yourself and others this week as your emotional reserves may be slightly more depleted than usual.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 16-22, 2017

The Moon is waning this week, so you may find that your own emotional energy is waning as well. As the week progresses, you may be less and less able to mentally and emotionally deal with the challenges that come your way. You may be easily triggered by things. This is to be expected. Play it cool and give yourself plenty of down time – especially later in the week.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 9-15, 2017

Note how your dream state becomes more active this week. Keep a dream journal close to your bed and just as you first wake up, take care to remember what your mind was processing in the night. Important clues to your subconscious insights or concerns are being revealed at this time.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 2-8, 2017

The Moon is waxing so our energy is waxing. As the week progresses, we find ourselves staying up later and later each night and our dream state becomes more active. This is a good time to tackle yoga sets that require more physical effort and core strength.


Kundalini Horoscope: December 12-18, 2016

Why is everyone on edge? Why does it seem as if the slightest comment gets the hairs prickling on the back of your neck? It seems that we are running up a high emotional tab this week, and unless you have a healthy way of channeling this powerful energy, it can come spouting out in ways that are unhealthy and undesirable.


Kundalini Horoscope: November 21-27, 2016

The Moon begins her fourth quarter on Monday, halfway diminished in her trek towards newness. All week, the Moon is waning – rising later and later each night, and getting smaller and smaller each time she appears. As a result, our own energy is waning, and it may feel as if we have fewer emotional reserves to deal with the challenges that come our way.