Kundalini Horoscope: October 10-16, 2016

Odd things are on the radar for Monday. Go ahead and join the ranks of individuals speaking their minds. Put yourself out there with the rest of them. Let your revolutionary mind speak its truth. Many times you may have kept silent but this is a day to speak out.


Kundalini Horoscope: October 3-9, 2016

The Moon is waxing; the energy is growing. With each passing day the Moon gets bigger and stays out later each night. As a result it is a good time for physically demanding, more energetic and aerobic kriyas as opposed to inward-looking, meditative ones.


Kundalini Horoscope: September 5-11, 2016

Tuesday is a day to see things to completion. Finish the job. Instead of letting loose ends continue to dangle. Take care of them. Stop procrastinating. Your determination is strong now. Do what you need to do and get the job done. Stop making excuses. It will be easier just to finish the project that is on the table.