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Connecting within Community: A Conversation with Gurunater Kaur Khalsa

This blog is part of a series that will feature individuals within the Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga Community. My intention is to connect with those who are contributing to this yoga community in their own unique way. I had the honor of staying at Gurunater Kaur Khalsa’s home in Herndon Virginia recently. While there, we shared this inspiring conversation about her journey.


An Interview With Yogi Amandeep Singh – Igniting the Light of our Consciousness

I had the honor to connect with Yogi Amandeep Singh at Summer Solstice. I’ve been so curious about him and his work, due to innumberable high praises of him in the kundalini world. I could feel the inspiration pouring from him during our conversation, and I hope to not miss his workshop at Sat Nam Fest East this year! From what I understand, his workshops are quite a journey in consciousness.