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A Journey Within: Inspire Truth

As I watch the days fall away from the eve of January 1st, 2016 I continue to feel a strong desire to carve out ways to inspire truth in my life. Old beliefs, pattern and emotions are surfacing and falling way. Space is being created through conversation, community, co-creation, retreats, ceremony, gatherings and dreaming.


A Journey Within: Peace, Love & Truth

The holiday season is amongst us and even in my greatest effort to hold my own definitions and beliefs about what this season means to me, it’s nearly impossible to escape the collective buzz. Countless events and celebrations, gatherings and parties, craft making and buying, volunteering, donating, baking goodies, brunch dates and dinners. It’s everywhere.


A Journey Within: Surrendering to the Unknown

It’s not always easy to let go. It takes time. It takes courage and most times it takes getting a lot of help and support. I know for me personally I had no idea the process of letting go was going to look this way. I didn’t know the complexities of the mind, body and soul could be so intricate and delicate. I didn’t know this journey could be as fascinating as it is frustrating.