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The Goddess Within

In the many faces of the Divine Feminine, we have goddesses that function as archetypes, deities and higher energies to love, protect, heal and guide us in our own unique path. There are the well-known Hindu goddesses Durga, Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati. There is the Buddhist goddess Tara with several representations; with green and white being the most commonly known Tara(s). There is the adoring Christian goddess Mother Mary. And, one of my favorites is the Greek goddess Hekate.


3 Ways To Stop The Spin Cycle

I reflected on many occasions where I essentially conquered an impressive “to do” list with great success; yet collapsed in bed with exhaustion, body pain and negative thoughts. How was a passionate and seasoned yogini living in such a state of being? I sense I am not alone. Some of us souls have sought and realized this balance, some of us are aware and striving to break the cycle, and some of us are still suffering. So, what can we do? I offer you 3 simple ways to break the spin cycle and bring balance into your life.