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The Sound of Kundalini Yoga Music

I am married to a classical musician, and I studied piano for more than a decade, so I was familiar with the power of music long before I met up with Kundalini yoga. When I first began practicing yoga, I found that music could uplift or distract my practice. I began with Vinyasa yoga and in many classes we practiced in silence. In some classes teachers played beautiful music with Sanskrit chants and in others, I heard music by popular artists. But a huge musical surprise awaited me with my first Kundalini yoga class!

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Gurujas of White Sun

Ramdesh welcomes Gurujas Kaur, the inspiring lead singer of the phenomenal Los Angeles-based band White Sun. She is a Kundalini yoga teacher who began practicing in 2005; since then she has been “to the far ends of the earth,” including Russia, to share her music and the technology. Also in the band are wonderful teacher and gong player Harijiwan as well as multi-talented instrumentalist Adam Berry, who is also the group’s award-winning producer. If you haven’t heard White Sun before you are in for a powerful experience! Get ready to vibrate with the sound current!

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Tera Naam

The beautiful musical duo Tera Naam, has “taken Europe by storm,” says Ramdesh. Get ready for this amazing couple, Dharam Kaur and Hansujot Singh, to take your heart by storm as well. Their music is divinely delicious! You’ll get to know them on this uplifting podcast. Tera Naam means “your name” and it refers to the bliss and beauty of singing to the Infinite, Ramdesh explains.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Hallelujah

For this holiday episode Ramdesh has selected a mantra that deeply invokes this spirit of reverence: Hallelujah! Hallelujah means praise God; like Wahe Guru it invokes ecstasy and the light of the Divine. It means praise the Lord, and “truly what is mantra if not praising the Divine?” Ramdesh asks.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Ant Na Siftee

If you’re facing family challenges Ant Na Siftee will help. This section or pauri of Japji, the sacred daily prayer of the Sikh tradition, will break through your limitations and give you the strong energy to tackle the karma of family ties. It’s a mantra, says Ramdesh, which can affect generations. Many religious and spiritual traditions talk about seven generations back and seven generations forward. This relates to our cellular DNA as well as energetic karmic imprints, Ramdesh explains.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Charanpal Kaur

Charanpal is a Kundalini yoga teacher who lives in Santa Cruz; she loves mantra, yoga, and music. She’s also raised four alpacas! “I took a turn in my life about five years ago when Kundalini yoga found me,” Charanpal says, “and all this new exploration happened.” Now she has two mantra albums “under her belt” and she’s on the radio. Wahe Guru!

Radio Recap: Pritpal Kaur on Stress and Vitality in Modern Times

What do you do when your practice becomes unbalanced, and when events in the world are so disturbing that it’s difficult to continue with positive thinking and trust? Join Ramdesh and lead Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and CEO of 3HO Foundation International Pritpal Kaur for a fascinating talk about dealing with challenging times and joining together as a community. 3HO is the organization founded by Yogi Bhajan to spread the teachings of Kundalini yoga all over the world.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Thomas Barquee

Thomas talks with Ramdesh about his creative process and the experience of “receiving from a higher place.” When that happens art just seems to flow, he notes, and you “get into that state of gracious creation.” Of course there are days when he’s not in that place, “but I live for those moments of creation, for the flow of creation,” Thomas says. The beauty of recording, Thomas points out, is that those moments can be captured, similar to a photograph; it’s very different from live performance. “It’s something that is with you forever, and is always fresh.”

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