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Radio Recap: Simrit Kaur and Karena Virginia

Tune into a fascinating chat with Ramdesh and two other radiant women—sacred chant artist Simrit Kaur and Kundalini yoga teacher Karena Virginia. The latter two women are leading a retreat called “Ecstasy of the Open Heart” in Playo Secreto Beach, Mexico, November 29 to December 5 and they talk not only about their plans for that special gathering but also their lives as women who are opening their hearts and fulfilling their dreams.

Radio Recap: The Mannay Pauris

This podcast is devoted to a series of pauris (or stanzas) from the sacred prayer called Japji. There are four sections of the Mannay Pauris and each brings forth a different energy. The pauris give you solidarity of self, self-impressiveness and self-respect. They give you a deep intuition, a sense of direction when you can’t find your path; they help you to find a better way.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Author Karen Henson Jones

Join Ramdesh for a fascinating chat with Karen Henson Jones, author of the uplifting memoir Heart of Miracles, recently published by Hay House. Karen is a Kundalini yoga teacher and co-founder of Malibu Beach Yoga; she survived a near-death experience and has chronicled her spiritual journey in a wonderful book. The author and Ramdesh reunited at the recent Sat Nam Fest; they first met some years ago as fellow teacher trainees studying with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in India.

Radio Recap: Sa Re Sa Sa Mantra

This podcast focuses on the uplifting mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, a mantra that addresses challenges, and will help you overcome adversity. Struggles help us become stronger, Ramdesh points out, but when they become overwhelming Sa Re Sa Sa can come to your aid.

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