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Radio Recap: Pritpal Kaur on Stress and Vitality in Modern Times

What do you do when your practice becomes unbalanced, and when events in the world are so disturbing that it’s difficult to continue with positive thinking and trust? Join Ramdesh and lead Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and CEO of 3HO Foundation International Pritpal Kaur for a fascinating talk about dealing with challenging times and joining together as a community. 3HO is the organization founded by Yogi Bhajan to spread the teachings of Kundalini yoga all over the world.

Spirit Voyage Radio Recap: Thomas Barquee

Thomas talks with Ramdesh about his creative process and the experience of “receiving from a higher place.” When that happens art just seems to flow, he notes, and you “get into that state of gracious creation.” Of course there are days when he’s not in that place, “but I live for those moments of creation, for the flow of creation,” Thomas says. The beauty of recording, Thomas points out, is that those moments can be captured, similar to a photograph; it’s very different from live performance. “It’s something that is with you forever, and is always fresh.”

Radio Recap: Wahe Guru Mantras

With this podcast, Ramdesh begins a series on the powerful Wahe Guru mantras. This is an incredible vibratory code, and if you loved the three podcasts on the Har mantras you’ll really rock out on this series, too, because Yogi Bhajan said that chanting Wahe Guru is equivalent to chanting Har 11,000 times! Get ready to dive into the power and meaning of Wahe Guru.

Radio Recap: Simrit Kaur and Karena Virginia

Tune into a fascinating chat with Ramdesh and two other radiant women—sacred chant artist Simrit Kaur and Kundalini yoga teacher Karena Virginia. The latter two women are leading a retreat called “Ecstasy of the Open Heart” in Playo Secreto Beach, Mexico, November 29 to December 5 and they talk not only about their plans for that special gathering but also their lives as women who are opening their hearts and fulfilling their dreams.

Radio Recap: The Mannay Pauris

This podcast is devoted to a series of pauris (or stanzas) from the sacred prayer called Japji. There are four sections of the Mannay Pauris and each brings forth a different energy. The pauris give you solidarity of self, self-impressiveness and self-respect. They give you a deep intuition, a sense of direction when you can’t find your path; they help you to find a better way.

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