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Kundalini Horoscope: March 6-12, 2017

With each passing day you may find yourself staying up later and later. The Moon is keeping us up, and keeping our dream state active, as she stays out later and later in the sky with each passing night. It is a good week to tackle yoga kriyas that require a greater physical effort.


Kundalini Horoscope: February 27 – March 5, 2017

We are currently in a growing phase of the Moon. This is the time to be gently and compassionately nurturing the seed that you planted at the time of the New Moon this past weekend. During this week you will take the first and most important baby steps toward reaching your goal.


Kundalini Horoscope: February 20-26, 2017

It is time to hit the reset button. It is a time of completion – to once and for all let go of all the things that no longer serve us. Take time during the week to go inward and ask yourself what you would like to manifest and also let go of at the time of this month’s Solar Eclipse. Be prepared with a list of intentions that you can consciously project to the universe when the New Moon comes around this Sunday.


Kundalini Horoscope: February 13-19, 2017

We are coming down from last week’s high associated with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The Moon is waning, and so is our emotional energy. As the week starts out you may feel emotionally charged but as the weekend approaches, you may feel as if your emotional reserves are being depleted. Don’t push yourself too hard.


Kundalini Horoscope: February 6-12, 2017

Having a hard time getting to sleep this week? Do you find yourself staying up later and later? Is your dream state more active than usual? Does everyone around you seem to be acting “loony”? That’s because the Moon is waxing to her fullest point this week.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 30 – February 5, 2017

The Moon is in a waxing phase. She is getting bigger and bigger and rising later and later each night. Our energy is growing. It is a time to nurture the goals that we set for ourselves at the time of the Aquarius New Moon last week. With each passing day be sure to put effort into developing the seed that you planted.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 23-29, 2017

As we come into this period of the lunar cycle it is best to chose yoga kriyas that are more meditative and introspective as opposed to practicing sets that are more physically challenging. This is a time to go inward and nourish the self. Be patient with yourself and others this week as your emotional reserves may be slightly more depleted than usual.


Kundalini Horoscope: January 16-22, 2017

The Moon is waning this week, so you may find that your own emotional energy is waning as well. As the week progresses, you may be less and less able to mentally and emotionally deal with the challenges that come your way. You may be easily triggered by things. This is to be expected. Play it cool and give yourself plenty of down time – especially later in the week.