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Unlocking My Infinite Potential

5 Infinite Potential Yoga Studio came into existence. Though I owned it, the warm and welcoming space in Raton was where I became the instrument to guide Kundalini Yoga classes in the small community of Raton in New Mexico. It was and achievement I was proud of. A beautiful space in which I was excited to gracefully teach all who were willing to


100 Days of Gratitude

When I embarked upon my Kundalini Yoga Teaching Training Immersion in 2014, I did not know that my life would be impacted so deeply by a soul, my friend DevJoti. During the course, DevJoti was diagnosed with cancer. She fought like the rock star – the super hero that she was, and continued her teacher training. She was a blessing to our class! At the time, we had no idea that her experience – filled with fight, strength, bravery, courage, grace and loving peace – would be the Guru it turned out to be.