All About Kundalini Yoga: Sikh Dharma

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Is Kundalini yoga a religion?

No. Kundalini yoga is a technology to access your own Infinity.

What is Sikh Dharma?

Sikh Dharma is a way of living that has been shared by the 10 Sikh Gurus and by the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, the Living Guru which takes the form of a collection of holy scriptures.  A “Sikh,” which literally means “seeker”, emphasizes service, humility and being open to all.

The Chants of Baba Siri Chand

What is the history between Kundalini yoga and Sikh Dharma?

Kundalini yoga is a Raj yoga held by the House of Guru Ram Das (the 4th Guru of the Sikhs).  The first Guru Nanak’s son, Baba Siri Chand, was a powerful yogi and one who did not age (at 160 years old he still appeared youthful).  Under his guidance, the heads of many schools of yoga came to bow to Guru Ram Das, and that sealed the line of energetic transmission of Kundalini yoga through his Subtle and Radiant Bodies.

Why do so many Kundalini yogis become Sikhs?

This is really a matter of personal calling.  Many people come to Kundalini yoga looking for a deeper connection to something greater than themselves and many are destined to walk the path of a Sikh.  It’s a personal choice how to experience Spirituality in this world.  Yogi Bhajan spoke on this subject saying, “The Guru, the Vibratory impact of the Word, unites you with the Infinite through the sound current.  Kundalini Yoga prepares you and enhances your capacity so you can hear the sound current.  You are a physical, mental and spiritual being.”

Sacred Nitnem

Many people find their experience of life enhanced by the connection between Kundalini yoga and Sikh Dharma.  Adopting the life of a Sikh, you see many practitioners of Kundalini yoga wear turban, traditional Sikh garb (called bana), saying their daily prayers (banis), and attending service at the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple).  It’s important to note that not all people who wear the turban identify as a Sikh (it is after all a yogic technology as well as religious symbol), and you do not have to be a Sikh to attend Gurdwara and connect with the Sikh Gurus.

Kundalini yoga is for you.  Sikh Dharma is also for you.  You can do whatever you please; one, both or neither.  There is no forced conversion or proselytization in Sikh Dharma and it is entirely up to you to decide what works for you in your personal practice, your life and in your study and teaching of Kundalini yoga.  In the past, religions were used to codify the experience of ecstasy and often to control those who adhered to it.  In the Aquarian Age, it is entirely up to you how you experience ecstasy.  The tools and paths are handed to you; it is up to you how to you will interact with them.

Teacher’s Tip:

Want a good primer on stories of Sikh heros, saints and yogis?  Take a look at this new book!

Silk Chuni



  1. That’s such an interesting article. Thanks so much for sharing all your information with us!

  2. Yogi Bhajan taught Meditation to the Public

    Even the Bible talks about Kundalini in Parables
    The Christians call it Raising the Holy Spirit.

    Its every humans birthright to awaken our Dormant spirituality.
    In the Bible it says :

    Quote :

    John 3:14-15: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert,
    so must the Son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth
    in him, may not perish; but may have life everlasting.”

    The serpent is the least understood parable.
    Lifting the serpent means raising our Latent Holy Spirit
    residing within our spine
    commonly referred to as raising the Serpent
    Our Kundalini Shakti within us by
    Spiritual Meditation practice .

    The Bible also states :

    Quote : “Moses wrestled with the serpent in the Desert”

    this means Moses raised his Kundalini Holy spirit in the Desert
    The Bible, the unalderated one has been written in Parables. The Bible was
    altered by the Kings and priests to create fear within their Christians.

    Jesus said “Do not cast your pearls before swine ” and went on to say
    Jesus gave to His apostles when He said, “If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, shake the dust off your feet when you leave that home or town” (Matthew 10:14).

    Its when we are stuck in lower consciousness we are unconnected to our inner soul.

    Sant Kabir ” Oh you poor lost soul, what do you know of Intoxication, you immerse yourself in Alcohol and other Sensual pleasures, Immerse yourself in
    the Silence and you will know what Kabir, says is true, the treasure you seek lies within your very soul !”

    Sant Kabir is referring to “That’s in the Depth of Silence, Meditation one connects to our inner self / God consciousness !”




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