A Poem by Snatam Kaur “In Between”

In Between

In these moments
In between God’s inhale and exhale
As the sun rises
And night turns to day
I sit
Feeling for a moment
The great spin
Of life
In stillness.
What do you have us do
In these moments
Oh God?
I know you are
Just in between breaths.
But please
Show me.
Show me everything,
Every step of the way.
I am blind
I never seem to hear
All that you are saying.
I never seem to
Open my heart
The day begins.
Soon the bees buzz.
The decisions made.
One by one.
Locking us into
The reality
Of our small
Why don’t you
Make the decisions today?
In this moment
In between
Your exhale and inhale Oh God
Let me be yours.




  1. Simple, but very deep. :-) Is this beautiful poem gonna be sung by you? Sat nam!

  2. Hola Smirti!!
    Espero que estés muy bien. Yo estoy bien, Gracias, te envío este poema, que me parece muy bonito. Además te comento que el próximo 6 de febrero comienza una Sadhana para eliminar miedos y convertirse en un verdadero líder. Las instrucciones vienen en esta página, o tal vez ya tenías la información. Yo he hecho con esta 3 sadhanas globales, y me gusta mucho.

    Muchos saludos,

    Gurusajjan Kaur


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