Five Days of Sat Nam Fest West!

What will one experience at Sat Nam Fest West?

In a word, UPLIFTMENT!

SNFW_2015_300x300Offering FIVE DAYS of Full-On Upliftment from April 8 – 12, 2015, this Sat Nam Fest will rock your heart and soul so deep!

Is ‘upliftment’ even a word?  Emphatically, YES!  And it describes the experience of Sat Nam Fest West to the letter.

Upliftment, according to, means:

  • to lift up,
  • raise
  • elevate

This coming Sat Nam Fest West in Joshua Tree, CA promises to be the most magically powerful, widely heart opening, highly elevating one yet!



Tell Me More, You Say?

We’re bringing you more rooms, THREE this year!

More space to experience world class Kundalini Yoga, Sacred Chant Mantra Music, meditation, healing soul depth workshops, heart-centered union, yummy, wholesome, supercharged foods and juices and so much more!

Sanctuary Space ~  Introducing the Sanctuary Series designed for teachers and students to have the opportunity to delve more deeply into the teachings of yogic living, going beyond the sole practice of kriyas and asanas…expanding into a more holistically enriching yogic lifestyle experience.

An expansive yet intimate space to hold our myriad of amazing workshops, beginning on Wednesday, April 8th with our beloved Snatam Kaur.

What better way to begin your festival experience than to Discover the Song of Your Soul – Japji with the dearly guided wisdom of Snatam leading the journey.

Starting on Wednesday, we will explore the poetry and divine teachings of Japji Sahib in a 2-hour workshop.  Following dinner, we will delve into the pauris or chapters and their meanings and effects. The next morning, we will wake up early for an incredible 5-hour profoundly transformative experience of reciting Japji Sahib 11 times.  The group energy of this practice creates an intensely powerful prayer.  You will feel it in every cell of your self.

This is sure to be a most treasured and highly elevating, transcendent experience.

Following in the Sanctuary, after Snatam and for the remainder of Sat Nam Fest West are a host of beautifully uplifting workshops…

  • On Thursday, April 9th we’ll Relax and Rejoice with Jai Hari Singh!
  • Gurutej will take us to Infinity with The Moon She Rocks You.
  • On Friday, April 10th, we’ll receive a Blueprint for the Aquarian Age with Guru Jagat.
  • We’ll learn the Yogic Secrets of Radiance with Jai Dev Singh,
  • And back by popular demand, Ramdesh and Ashana will guide us into deep relaxation with their Stress Relieving Meditations with Kundalini Yoga and crystal bowl healing alchemy.
  • Later in the evening, you can return to the sanctuary for more ethereal sounds from Ashana as she cradles you in healing singing bowl and mantra sound current.


Gurdwara ~ A high vibrational, sacred space where we’ll offer early morning Gurdwara Service each day, plus deep healing workshops, beginning with Sat Santokh’s four day series, Healing the Wounds of Life…each day will build on the previous, taking the depth of the experience to expanded heights. In the Gurdwara, we also share Transformative Mala Making with Satya…she’ll take us all on a meditative, creative journey that includes our very own love and prayer infused sacred mala.  We’ll also enjoy a Blissful Blessed Experience in How to Play the Gong and deepen into the Gong’s high frequency healing wisdom with Crown of Eternity.


Main Yoga and Concert Hall ~ The main yoga hall will be vibrating high with our stellar community of world class Kundalini Yoga teachers and brilliant Sacred Chant Music artists, all co-creating this most profoundly transformative experience we call Sat Nam Fest.

We’ll be lovingly guided through kriyas and meditations… We’ll flow in the sound current as the mantras and the teachings guide our way on… inspiring us, opening our hearts, dancing our souls alive, infusing us with the Grace of the Infinite, tuning us ever higher into LOVE, LIGHT and Pure Elevation.

Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Chant Music Concerts…all day, every day, starting on Thursday, April 9, in the early morning hours and continuing nearly around the clock (including an All Night Gong Bath with Crown of Eternity on Saturday evening) through the closing ceremonies on Sunday, April 12.


Here’s a sampling of the magnificent community of teachers and artists who are collaborating to make this the best Sat Nam Fest West ever!  Please visit the website to view the full schedule of offerings.

Concerts with:

Snatam Kaur, Mirabai Ceiba, Nirinjan Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh, Simrit, Ajeet Kaur, Sigun Kaur, Aykanna, and more!  See the schedule here.

Kundalini Yoga with:

Gurmukh, Guru Singh, Krishna Kaur, Tej, Sat Siri, Ramdesh, Ashana, Jai Dev, Satya, Wah, Guru Jagat, Crown of Eternity, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Guru Prem, Sat Santokh, Gurutej, Azita, Guru Shabad Singh, Jai Hari Singh, and more! View the full yoga schedule.


5 Days of Full-On Upliftment Are Yours!  Register Now!

For a full listing of our teachers and artists and the full 5 Day Schedule, please visit the website, customize your experience and make your plans to attend!



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