3 Mantras for the Heart

Open the Heart with these 3 Mantras!

Love heart background from beautiful bright starsHeart opening mantras are extremely special because for a lot of us, when the heart space opens it is where we will feel the first flush of warmth that fills us when we begin the awakening process.  The heart is the center of some of our most beautiful human emotions and of course the tie that binds us all: LOVE.  But the joy of the heart center cannot be experienced to its highest potential if it its scarred energetically or being constrained by the heart’s shadow emotions, which I often see on other people as something almost like a black spider web.  These black threads are the thought forms of:  grief, jealousy, wanting and yearning, or sometimes hatred.  When we clean these threads and purify the heart center, we breathe much more expansively and our posture changes.  People around us respond to us in a more positive matter.  Lightness and happiness prevail.

Investing in healing your heart is perhaps the most valuable expenditure of one’s time and energy.  It will transform your whole life. From changing your heart, a multitude of blessings will unfold and blossom around you. It is beautiful to practice the openings next to others, so that you observe the change in others and realize more fully what exactly is going on.  In my opinion, all mantras are for the heart, but these three in particular will really stimulate the heart center and eradiciate its shadow emotions.

1) Ong Sohung

Suggested: Ong Sohung by Snatam Kaur

Place your left palm a few inches from your heart center, and your right arm straight, wrist resting against the knee in Gyan Mudra, and sing along with Ong Sohung for 7 to 11 minutes.  Particularly good to do on Fridays, the day of Venus.

2) Mera Man Lochai

Suggested: Healing the Wounds of Love by Gururaj Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur

Healing the Wounds of Love is exceptional for severe break-ups and grief.  Chant the first 45 minutes, then listen to the next 11 minutes for 11 or 40 days. My sister had a major energy explusion doing this one; its linguistically challenging to start but don’t be intimidated, this is a powerful and worthwhile chant to heal all matters of the heart.

3) Wah Yantee

Suggested: Wah Yantee by Nirinjan Kaur

As I am typing out these suggestions, my heart is soaring just listening to Wah Yantee.  It was given by the saints and sages as one of the highest prayers, and it is one of the most beautiful and uplifting I know.  I like this one with hands in prayer pose, and I always visualize light, light, light!

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Karen Jones recovered from a near-death experience and open-heart surgery at the age of 30 to become a healer and help others. She studied with Gurmukh, Tej, and Gurushabad – some of the greatest living masters of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in Rishikesh India as part of Golden Bridge’s Level 1 Teacher Training. In the foothills of the Himalayas, she refined her ability to channel healing energy. She also studied Sat Nam Rasayan healing with Guru Dev Singh, and energy healing with David Elliott. She is a graduate of Cornell University and London Business School. She and health guru James John have an upcoming retreat at Blue Spirit Retreat Center in Costa Rica Nov 13-20, 2010. Karen is available for private consultations, and also teaches at Upstairs at Juicy Naam in Sag Harbor, New York. Karen@neotaolife.com www.neotaolife.com

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