Nihal Singh is an IKYTA Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Craniosacral Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Sat Nam Rasayan and Celtic Shamanic Healer. He specializes in emotional consciousness, personal development and inner body awareness. Nihal is also a writer for Spirit Voyage’s blog, a career consultant and corporate trainer. He resides in Philadelphia, PA.

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3 responses to “3 Kundalini Yoga Mantras for Healing and Energy Work”

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  2. Barbara Schaer

    Hi there,
    about 3 1/2 years ago I have come across pranayama started my practicing to heal myself on all levels. I had good results and then moved more into doing Kundalini yoga, meditations and breathing kryias. My biggest challenge now is, there are so many kriyas and sadhanas which ones do I practice to heal? When i look through all the book I feel as if I need to do them all, but can not fit them into my day. I have a lot of joint problems, shoulders and knees and also had a broken back. Through pranayama and kundalini yoga my back is feeling very good now all my headaches are gone but my difficulties are my shoulders I can hardly lift my arms for the 11 minutes, I push through the 11 minutes but are in absolute agony. In numerology my body is my gift. How do I choose my sadhana?
    Thank you and blessings
    Siri Ajeet Barbara

    1. Ramdesh Kaur

      Be gentle. Take a look at these ways to heal your back. You don’t have to do it all…just pick one thing.
      And agony isn’t necessary if you have physical problems…choose a different meditation. There are many paths to the awareness of infinity. Blessings, Ramdesh

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