Sat Nam Rasayan and Guru Dev

You may have heard of Sat Nam Rasayan at Solstice or at a yoga studio, but what exactly is it? Sat Nam Rasayan means, “Healing in the True Identity.” It is the healing branch of Kundalini yoga. Sat Nam Rasayan isn’t energy work, but healing another through consciousness. The healer perceives without preference and follows the flow in the body with a neutral meditative mind. Yogi Bhajan said about Sat Nam Rasayan, “Heal the world. Go. That’s why we started Sat Nam Rasayan. Just touch not and heal. You can feel, get it all in you, throw it away, person is healed. The most powerful language in the world is silence. And that is a healer’s language. Remember that (4/25/1997).”

Yogi Bhajan proclaimed Guru Dev to be both a Saint and the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan. These are very high honors especially since Guru Dev is the only person Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga himself, named both a Saint and a Master.

Yogi Bhajan transmitted the teachings of Sat Nam Rasayan to Guru Dev the traditional way, through silence. Guru Dev had integrity, purity, reverence, and selfless devotion to his Master. He had developed his consciousness enough to be at the place where he was able to receive what Yogi Bhajan was sending and, in silence, Master and student met at the point where transmission could take place. Had the “flier” and the “catcher” not both been evolved, the trapeze act could not have worked.

Yogi Bhajan tasked Guru Dev to put Sat Nam Rasayan into a linear, teachable format for the first time ever. Before this, no one could learn Sat Nam Rasayan. It was not for Yogi Bhajan to teach it and no one could learn from Yogi Bhajan because it was not in a linear form that was designed to be taught. Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient art that goes beyond Guru Dev and Yogi Bhajan used by Taoist and Sufi masters and said to have been practiced by Guru Ram Das, the fourth Sikh Guru, although it was not named Sat Nam Rasayan until Yogi Bhajan gave that name to the process of Guru Dev’s healing form.

Today, Guru Dev is revered as the preeminent healer of our time. He is still a dedicated student of Yogi Bhajan and maintains a very committed personal practice filled with hours of kriyas and meditations. Guru Dev brings authenticity to his courses including Sat Nam Rasayan healing and meditations as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In his courses, Guru Dev observes the group and picks specific meditations to work with and heal what is going on in the group meridian. In addition to healing, courses with Guru Dev promise to be filled with profound wisdom and humorous stories.

Sat Nam Rasayan is a tremendous tool for aspiring and experienced healers. Studying the art of Sat Nam Rasayan will deepen one’s understanding of the science of Kundalini Yoga for students and teachers alike. Everyone can benefit from Sat Nam Rasayan.

Guru Dev travels extensively across the world to deliver the teachings of Sat Nam Rasayan healing through his intensives and retreats. He teaches two retreats a year in Mt Shasta and in Perugia, Italy which allow students to develop a relationship with the Master and test to be a Sat Nam Rasayan practitioner. Beginners and advanced students are invited.

Guru Dev’s retreats occur in a sacred space of high energy unto itself. Mount Shasta is one of the great healing vortexes of the planet. The Sat Nam Rasayan Retreat at Mount Shasta is as Guru Dev says, “Sacredness of the place equal to the sacredness of the teaching,” Nowhere on earth does this occur except at this one retreat. The energy of Mount Shasta makes it easier for the student to grasp the concept and to be immersed in the presence of the consciousness of Sat Nam Rasayan and the presence of the Master without the interference of the external or one’s own world. It provides opportunity so that the Teacher and the student “meet” at the point where transmission can take place.

Guru Dev has said, “… [at] Mount Shasta one can live in the presence that is Sat Nam Rasayan consciousness for over 120 hours and that can change everything… illness in the body, mind and especially of the spirit is transmuted… the sick person will feel better… the healer learns with laser like focus and is recharged.”

“It is only at Mount Shasta can one sits the heart of Sat Nam Rasayan within the heart of the Master,” said Guru Dev.

Allow yourself to meet with the Teacher at the Sat Nam Rasayan Retreat at Mount Shasta August 29- September 3rd.

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  1. what are the dates for the 2013 retreat in mccloud(mt shasta) this year..trying to get flights and lodging to avoid the rush..sat nam..

  2. Thanks a lot for your ariticle. you are allways nice to read. And interesting topics!

  3. “Yogi Bhajan transmitted the teachings of Sat Nam Rasayan to Guru Dev the traditional way, through silence.” Wow! :-)


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