Siri Sadhana kaur has performed internationally developing in voice, theatre and movement, studying in Paris with the innovative movement master Jacques Lecoq. Siri lives in London with her daughter, she has recorded 5 music and mantra Cds, and tours giving concerts and trainings in mantra dance, acapella singing and yoga .  As an approved KRI Professional Kundalini yoga teacher trainer and student of Shiv Charan Singh she delivers the level 1 Aquarian teacher training.




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Siri Sadhana Kaur

  • so uplifting !! Beautiful!!

    -- debbie
  • beautiful woman beautiful voice beautiful music

    -- mo levy
  • She sings with authenticity and beauty.You get the feeling that you can travel with the sound . thank you siri sadhanna!!!

    -- hari narayan
  • Great singer, wonderful woman.

    -- Ravideep Kaur
  • Wow. Her voice and style reminds me of a very special indie-pop group I used to love in the late 80s - Everything But the Girl. That's a good thing!

    -- Donna Quesada
  • i loooooooveeeee her rithm Guru Bless u!!!

    -- Akal Sahai Kaur Gallardo