Ramdesh Kaur is a Kundalini yoga teacher, writer and radio personality. Author of "Yoga and Mantras for a Whole Heart" and blogger for Spirit Voyage, she also hosts the popular show "Spirit Voyage Radio with Ramdesh" on Unity.FM. The best-selling meditation CD "Journey into Stillness" is her first.

Ramdesh has taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation everywhere from the foothills of the Himalayas (where she once lived and taught in an ashram) to the suburbs of New Jersey.  She also hosts Spirit Voyage's 40 Day Global Sadhanas, a program she created which now brings together over 15,000 people in 75 countries to practice Kundalini yoga and meditation.  She leads retreats and workshops internationally to connect people to their own inner wisdom, teaching with such musicians as Ashana, Nirinjan Kaur, Jai-Jagdeesh and Harnam.

She has a Master’s Degree from the Courtauld Institute in London. She has been featured in Yoga Actuell in Germany and Austria and in LAYoga in the US. 

“Ramdesh is a great teacher and truly walks the talk. Every time I am in communication with her I come away feeling uplifted whether it be a face to face meeting, phone conversation or email message. This to me is divinity in action!“ -- GuruGanesha Singh


"Kundalini's Lightening Bolt!" -- Where Is My Guru


"You, like me and so many others, LOVE Ramdesh Kaur - even if you've never met her, you can just tell she's awesome. What you may not know is that this beautiful being has walked through fire to get to where she is now. She has experienced some intense, immense challenges, which have served to make her one of the strongest and most radiant people I've ever met" -- Jai-Jagdeesh

"From one moment into the next, with gentle strength and great compassion, Ramdesh guides you deeper into the essence of each mantra, into this realm where you can completely surrender and receive it's infinite blessings." -- Mirabai Ceiba






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Ramdesh Kaur

  • Dear, I would like to write to her. Can you give me her e mail address please? Love, Fred Delameilleure Belgium

    -- Delameilleure Fred
  • It is wonderfull!Her voice is so calm und sweet! I am from Paraguay, here Kundalini Yoga is very knowed, I am KY teacher. Por favor necesitamos este CD en español con la voz de Ramdesh Kaur! El momento de la relajación es muy importante y este CD en español sería de mucha ayuda para los KY teachers! Satnam!

    -- Maria Elena Penayo- JIvan Deep Kaur
  • excellent

    -- david hobday
  • beautiful, relaxing, wonderful

    -- Geraldine Colvin
  • I am feeling calm, I have let go of the pain and all that I was holding onto in those I need to forgive.

    -- suniti
  • Your voice and spirit deeply touch my heart. Thank you so much - Here you on Spirit Voyage, with Sat Nam on Unity Radio. Blessings..

    -- Valerie Johnsonhttp://vjblues.com
  • wonderful

    -- Aniam
  • Ramdesh, you hold the most special place in my heart, for if not for the global sadhana and your messages of hope and inspiration every day, I would not have any physical connection to the kundalini yogic lifestyle without having to travel about 90 miles to get to a class... since my first Sadhana in February 2012...Release Fear and become a Conscious leader, I have participated in all the Sadhanas most imperfectly, but oh, have a been blessed! I purchased your Journy into Stillness CD and I use it regularly to check in with my breathe, my body, my light body, wahe guru, mother earth, my inner child...these are so beautifully crafted and they transport me to a place of balance and peace... thank you for all you do to shine your light into the world, to share and encourage us, to expand and embrace love and light with such grace! I am so grateful for you! Sat Nam!

    -- Ginny Engelhardt
  • Very nice and relaxing!

    -- Tom Eck
  • I read your inspirational words every day from the daily emails that I receive from the Spirit Voyage mailing list. I am typically not moved by such things, but your words are different. God has given you a wonderful gift Ramdesh ji. Thank you for sharing. Keep them coming!

    -- Shaun
  • i love her. She's an angel!

    -- Irma Hernandez
  • I just love very much your healing voice full of love and peace! Thank you very much! Nicole

    -- Nicole Hinck
  • LOVE Ramdesh!

    -- Roger Shabad Simran Singh Fallecker
  • Sat Nam and God Bless you, through your guided meditations I have found the light to being my new life. Sat Nan, Waje Gru, Waje Gru. Prakashjeet Kaur

    -- Nora Vermon
  • Beauty

    -- Dorota
  • Soft and calming and so beautiful . Takes me home . It brings peace to my soul and would help so many lives.

    -- Sylvia Wasden
  • i very like you ramdesh kaur ji .guru fatheh ji .thanks

    -- surinder singh
  • thanksssssss

    -- surinder singh
  • So beautiful. So illuminating. Thankyou from my Heart.

    -- Elizabeth Garrisonhttp://www.guidedimagery.me
  • Thank you so much for the words and thoughts written in the Global Sadhana, I will miss it when it is over. You are amazing!

    -- anna
  • muito bom adoro ouvir as meditações de Ramdesh tem uma voz muito harmoniosa, deixa-nos uma sensação de paz e tranquilidade.

    -- Cristina Cabral
  • self love is part of my daily (am sadhana). Thank you dear Ramdesh. sat nam. Jules(Dharamraj Kaur)

    -- Jules

    -- RAJESH
  • She is AMAZING!!

    -- Maria
  • wonderful.

    -- Skye
  • Thank you so much, i follow this 40 day spirit journey, i am a Zen Buddhist. A great help in my life, where i am right now. Åke N /Stockholm

    -- Åke Nordebrand
  • Amazing!

    -- margarida marmelo
  • Ramdesh Kaur 's voice is beautiful and I cannoy wait to start thid new 40n day Sadhana

    -- Mary
  • Beautiful Voice full of love.Pleas ehelp me to find peace with your beautiful music.

    -- anonymous
  • thank you for bringing me the sound that my soul was longing for

    -- Yehudis2
  • Those whoever can sing in such a melodious way my Beloved Lord's songs are all are angels!

    -- anonymous
  • I listen to the radio program on Unity.fm and love the energy & consciousness expressed by Ramdesh. Thanks for all the inspirational music and comment.

    -- Carol from Missouri
  • Lovely ... for all Yoga students, Kundalini & Hatha to fel warm, calm, happy and relaxed.

    -- Gurmukh
  • An absolutely fantastic blend of mantra, music, and soothing guidance. I am thoroughly enjoying this meditation CD so much that if I could buy them all, I would! Ramdesh is so very Ramdesh! If you have ever heard her, read her, or experienced her light in any way, you know! <3

    -- Starrla
  • very nice soothing voice. Thank you for the Free Friday download.

    -- jagpal
  • There are no words. Only love.

    -- Mary Green
  • realmente es una bella mujer y amo su musica .

    -- susana riera
  • thank you so much for the daily inspiration with the sadhanas. they truly lift and inspire me. blessings.

    -- Deborah
  • There's nobody like Ramdesh. Her daily emails bring sunshine to my dark Siberian Winter.

    -- Vyda Boshenko
  • Thank You Ramdesh Kaur for being the love that you are.

    -- Parmeet Kaurhttp://ritasroom.ning.com/
  • What a beautiful voice and the sadhana email was wonderful too.

    -- Carolyn Roberts
  • I think Ramdesh must be an angel. Her daily emails for the sadhanas are so incredible and moving. I don't have this book yet, but I can't wait to get it. She writes with her whole soul (and I think her whole heart!)

    -- Kare Wincosz
  • its the most beautiful music

    -- monica garrido
  • A brilliant bright light blessing us with musings from her heart that are timeless bits of wisdom offering practicality in today's world. Thank you for all that you do. xoxo

    -- Ajeet Kaur Khalsa
  • Light, Light and more light. You are a forklift.

    -- sabrina renee clinard
  • Great work :-)

    -- Irina Keller
  • Ramdesh is an amazing writer and yogi who completely operates from her heart. It's beyond perfect that she wrote this book. Sat nam, Ji! Looking forward to using these tools.

    -- Mary Green
  • I am so excited to get this! I ordered this as well as the Prosperity set yesterday and I am so excited! I am also really appreciative of all the ways that you not just provide these tools but put them together in new ways that really inspire my practice. Thank you!!!

    -- Siri Devta Kaurhttp://www.theveggiegourmet.com
  • Wahe Guru! This book looks amazing! Thank you & love you with A Whole Heart! Ramdesh Kaur;-)

    -- Brenda Jasjot
  • Thanks, Ramdesh! Cannot wait to read your amazing book! Blessings!

    -- Padmani Kaur
  • I found Ramdesh kaur on ITunes when I was searching for yoga music I didn't know anything about kundalini practice  I heard some music an mantras an I liked it! And also like her show! So finally I got to go to one of her workshops & enjoyed it, bought her book an love it. It comes with a CD that's a PLUS  This book is a labor of love. Dan :)

    -- Dan
  • May the long time sun shine upon you <3

    -- melanie
  • Ramdesh is amazing!

    -- Jeff Wright
  • anything Ramdesh does is provided with care and love plus experience from darkness into bright light

    -- Jules C
  • Ramdesh Kaur could write about the phone book and I think it would sound beautiful. Love this book.

    -- Diane Hoyt
  • beautiful lady

    -- Manesh
  • Ramdesh is fantastic. I love reading her blog and can't wait to read this book.

    -- Carol