Livtar Singh KhalsaLivtar Singh Khalsa is one of the most inspirational songwriters and singers of the Khalsa musical heritage. His words combine personal insight with devotion to principals of higher wisdom. His melodies and voice create a mood of sweetness and beauty. His songs of love and inspiration that have been sung by generations of spiritual seekers and his music will be cherished for many years to come.




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Livtar Singh Khalsa

  • Love this! Superb!! xo

    -- Leesa Rowland
  • All Blessings from Sukhjeet Kaur to Livtar Singh Khalsa. Your voice goes deeply to my Soul .Thank you Ji !

    -- Sukhjeet Kaur
  • truly heavenly

    -- blossom
  • "Golden Temple of Amritsar" is one of the most divinely inspired audio recordings in the history of music. The light of God and Guru shine through Snatam Kaur Ji's amazing voice.

    -- Ad Sach Kaur