Harnam is a dedicated yogi, artist, and musician and is currently touring to promote his new CD "A Fearless Heart" performing alongside fellow teacher Ramdesh Kaur on their "Whole Heart Tour". A master of the Bound Lotus Kriya and a favorite on the devotional music scene for years, he is known for his sweet guitar work and uplifting songs. His first solo album "Love Infinite Divine" touched hearts all over the world. His third CD "A Fearless Heart" will be released at the 3HO Winter Solstice Celebration 2011.



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Special Guest: Harnam Singh Thursday, December 15, 2011




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Harnam Singh

  • Dear Harnam I loved your concert last year at Visone Healing in Cranberrry PA and again at Sat Nam Fest West 2012. I bought A Fearless Heart and I love the music you share with us. I subscribe to Rhapsody and it is more convenient to keep my CDs in my bedroom and use my phone and laptop to create playlists for on the go... all the sudden this week ALL MY A FEARLESS HEART SONG CHOICES DISAPPEARED FROM ALL MY PLAYLISTS! So I wanted to encourage you that Yes, as I listener, I still like to buy CDs but I love using Rhapsody too... please consider renewing your licensing agreements with them... I had several of your songs on every sacred music playlist and I am missing your msuic greatly! Also...Please come back to Cranberry for another concert, too..it was a most beautiful experience..I brought 2 friends and we still talk about how it was one of our favorite nights ever with you and Harnam Mike Tamburo leading us. Thank You, Sat Nam!!

    -- Ginny Engelhardt
  • Love It, thank you Harnam

    -- Jyoti
  • Wonderful mantra music! Very uplifting. He plays my very favorite version of Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful.

    -- Marie Coma
  • So beautiful!

    -- Nils Montan
  • Extraordinary Healing Experience, beyond words and limitations, Thank You Harnam -Satnam Dorothy-

    -- Dorothy Green
  • I put the CD on in the car and forgot about it. I was really up tight and full of thoughts. Then for some reason I started to unwind and then I realized that it was the music that was there affecting my unconscious. Thank you Harnam. Your gifts are too numerous to count.

    -- phyllis Zatzickhttp://none
  • love him. why isnt this on itunes. i would love to sample

    -- paula
  • like the album

    -- hari shabad
  • Harinam dear, it's Gurudass Kaur out here in the universe, listening to your CD and loving it. The tunes, your voice, it's really beautiful and brings me back to that winter solstice and singing together.....again, it's a really beautiful album. Blessings and Lovingly, Gurudass

    -- Gurudass Kaurhttp://www.childplayyoga.com
  • gifted voice,lovely lyrics..just makes you hum it all through the day...God bless

    -- Pooja bhimra
  • nice voice and guitar too. simple but good melody

    -- exmaman
  • I find myself singing these songs all day long. The lyrics and the music stay with you. They are joyful and uplifting.

    -- Heather
  • Harnam Singh is God's gift to my heart and soul. Thank you.

    -- Faith
  • His music makes my insides vibrate! How cool is that?!

    -- Prembir Kaur (Bonnie)
  • lovely piece of art such a voice!

    -- Gyanpreet S
  • What a beautiful CD...Namaste.

    -- Damanbir Kaur
  • My favorite is Love Infinite Divine....beautiful voice.

    -- pat kraft
  • THese songs really pulled me through a rough tense time today. thank you Love INfinite Divine is beyond words

    -- michael sieger
  • sweet, happy, full of life, so is your voice, dear Harman Singh, deep as the cosmos. Grace and blessings for taking the trip to all that is

    -- Maruja
  • sweet, happy, full of life, so is your voice, dear Harman Singh, deep as the cosmos. Grace and blessings for taking the trip to all that is

    -- Maruja
  • Harnam sings with a kind of authenticity that really hits your heart.

    -- Siri Dev
  • Love Infinite Divine is lovely. I Don't Mind has made my recent breakup with my boyfriend so much easier. Thanks, Harnam Singh.

    -- Ella Munch
  • Harnam Singh is such an incredible musician. His guitar playing transports my soul into another realm and his voice soothes me. I can always relax to this version of Guru Ram Das. This is one of my favorites!

    -- Ramdesh Kaurhttp://www.noordinarylight.blogspot.com
  • I love this CD. Harnam's music always has such a relaxing vibe. It really melts my heart. I look forward to the release of his solo album!

    -- Eli