Mp3 FAQ's

Ans 1: The link for the download is always available in your account on Please login to your account and on the My Spirit Voyage page you will find the link to download the music once again.

Ans 2: Transferring your files into itunes is an easy process.
First save the file save the mp3 file on your computer- *remember where you save the file though*. Second open itunes. Third In the top left of Itunes is a tab called File. Select that, and when it opens there is a link called "Add to Library". Select Add to Library and find the songs you downloaded from your computer. They will then be added to your itunes. You can then sync the music to an ipod once the music is in itunes.

Ans 3: If you get an error message on the website while trying to download the music please contact the customer service at or 888 735 4800 . Give detail information about the problem so that our technical team and check the path for the error and rectify it. Customer service will get back to you within 24-48 hrs once the issue is fixed.

Ans 4: If this error occurs you can download individual tracks from the album in the My Spirit Voyage Tab on the home page.

Ans 5: Please contact customer service to cancel the duplicate order and request a refund. We generally monitor for this but please contact us to be sure.

Ans 6: If you are not able to open a zip file you will need to download a free software to unzip the files and listen to the music. Stuffit is a nice program for mac users and winzip is great for PC users.

Ans 7: MP3 download link will only be available for 30 days under 'my spirit voyage' and after that you have to place a new order if you need the same album.