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I invite you to light a candle and send your prayers from your home, with your family, and with your community with these two sacred chants from the Sikh tradition. You can chant along or remain in silence. In the spirit of truly connecting in your prayer, we ask that you cover your head as you recite these sacred words, as is the Sikh way.

The first chant is "Guru Ram Das Rakho Saranaa-ee

Guru Ram Das is the fourth Guru of the Sikhs. His life, his energy, his gift to us is the capacity to reach out to the homeless, to the hopeless, and offer healing, tangible, real healing.

Guru Ram Das Raakho Saranaa-ee Guru Ram Das, protect me and surround me with your sanctuary.

Surround us with your light, Guru Ram Das Protect us with your love, Guru Ram Das Give us your sweet peace, Guru Ram Das I give my life to you, Guru Ram Das.

The second is the Mantra "Akaal". This is the Mantra that Sikhs chant when someone dies. It means "undying" and it identifies the true nature of the soul which never dies. In the strength of your prayer, and the Grace of God and Guru, this chant has the capacity to free the soul from this earth plain so that it can merge with the Divine Deathless energy of God, or Akaal Purkh.

- Snatam Kaur

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