Suite: Kirtan Soheila Wisdom & Music for Rest of your Life

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Song TitleLengthListen to All Clips
1. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila IntroMantra / Song Info02:43
2. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 2Mantra / Song Info01:38
3. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 3Mantra / Song Info03:11
4. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 4Mantra / Song Info02:48
5. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 5Mantra / Song Info05:57
6. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 6Mantra / Song Info04:57
7. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila Part 7Mantra / Song Info03:53
8. In the Lap of Guru Ram Das Lullaby07:18
9. Kirtan Soheila GurmukhiMantra / Song Info07:18
10. Mool Mantra07:06
11. Suite ~ Kirtan Soheila ~ A CappellaMantra / Song Info17:34




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Guru Prem Singh Khalsa

  • Great

    -- Lizzy Guhl.
  • After only reading about, I feel they are very nice people, truly blessed by Waheguruji...

    -- Rajvinder Singh.
  • The Calling in Spanish is incredibly beautiful!

    -- Hari Datti Kaur.
  • Absolutely awesome and inspirational teacher!

    -- Rajpreet.

Simran Kaur Khalsa

  • Angelic, a being of light

    -- Lisa.
  • God, comes into being only when the ``me'' and the ``mine'' are transcended.

    -- santosh Kumar Vijayan.
  • her voice is really amazing and spiritual....

    -- prabhjot kaur.
  • Her Voice is great and paceful

    -- Rocio.
  • The album is great, I love her voice; its so peaceful that it really helps children to sleep!!

    -- Gurusajjan Kaur.
  • Simran Kaur is such a delight! A beautiful voice and a tremendous spirit!

    -- Ramdesh Kaur.


  • Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this music which touches my heart.

    -- Kandy.
  • I think she has such a beautiful voice which reflects the state of her soul. Her songs touch the very depth of your heart.

    -- Annette Chapman.http://annettechapman.sites
  • I think she has such a beautiful voice which reflects the state of her soul. Her songs touch the very depth of your heart.

    -- Smita.http://annettechapman.sites

    -- Johnny.
  • this song sung by Jai is so powerful, very spiritual I love her voice and demeanour. Great beautiful bright aura. Love to be like her.

    -- Francoise Helene.
  • beautiful voice blessed spirt , im looking for her cover song "nothing else matters" of metalica that she sang at the fest in calif, it resonated

    -- deb.
  • beautiful

    -- neale svenson. .au
  • I love Jai Jagdeesh's music. I especially love this cd. I think it is her best yet. Her music and mantras resonate within my soul. I listen to them all the time. Blissful, beautiful! Much gratitude and love!

    -- Sheryl V.
  • Amazing inspiring

    -- Becky Hobgood.
  • errr..mazing!

    -- Amanda.
  • of heaven & earth

    -- harcharanpal sing.
  • Heartfelt

    -- Tina falke.
  • Great, we here in Trinidad posted the photos back and forth! We are Kathak dancers. So good to see the dance on street, the llittle kids were enthralled!

    -- Jacqueline Maharaj.http://facebook
  • LOVE her.

    -- shabad simran singh.
  • I love her! Caught her live first time at SNFE 2013. Beautiful!

    -- Shabad Simran Singh.
  • Beautiful Jai-Jagdeesh is sublime! Not only is she exquisite, inside and out, but she is one of the most talented people I have had the fortunate to come across. She sings like an angel, with a voice that haunts and continues to ring softly in the heart long after she has stopped singing... The world is blessed by her presence and her grace!

    -- Anni Beale.
  • I think she is a Goddess ~ no doubt whatsoever...Namaste'

    -- ellen.
  • beautiful, i love your music, namaste

    -- Nataša.

    -- ERIC.
  • LOVE HER!!!! angelic voice

    -- Christine.
  • Beautiful voice and music; love the song "With You"

    -- Angela.
  • Great Song

    -- Manas Kole.
  • Awesome

    -- nash bhullar.
  • bellísima me encanta!!!

    -- albert tolosa.
  • Loved her concert in San Diego! Come back soon. Much love

    -- Judy.
  • bella!!

    -- albert.
  • i am kundalini yoga i want buy more music

    -- weishaying.
  • I had the honor of meeting Jai Jagdeesh last year when Sat Want introduced me to her, and I told her "you were my gateway drug into all this love." ...these songs have blessed me immensely... I have never felt so much love and divine presence in my life until I was led by Wahe Guru to find and become captivated by this music... my soul is forever grateful... I listen to and sing along to your songs every day with my whole open warm heart! Love to you, Sat Nam!

    -- Ginny Engelhardt.
  • I love Jai! I was introduced to her performance and sound at Sat Nam Fest East 2013. And every time I listen to her, I love her more and more. She's like an unexpected gift that came into my life and I am so grateful. I also enjoy following her positive philosophy via her facebook page. Just a Joy all around! Sat Nam!

    -- Jessica Chandra.http://www.threadsofgaiayog
  • Her voice is so magical and healing. I listen to Aad Guray Namay every night before falling to sleep. It's like a lullaby!

    -- Brandy Kolmer.
  • I like a lot her voice, her music...

    -- Chelsy.
  • How refreshing. I can't explain it. Lovely resonating voice.I loved the CD

    -- Patwant Singh.
  • Absolutely beautiful

    -- Janet.

    -- Jules.http://www.goddessa-ibiza.c om
  • beautiful meditative voice

    -- HarDarshan Khalsa.
  • So much love for this music and Jai-Jagdeesh's beautiful spirit. I play it in all my yoga classes.

    -- Tricia.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh hare is the samparn bhav of soul

    -- TRILOK.JANI..

  • Wow , i am sooo happy to meet and hear you live in Munich this coming Sunday. Just found out last week and never thought this dream would come true one day! What a blessing! <3 Namasté

    -- Petra Degenhart.
  • i love your music.your music,is now part of my life.and you dance like no one helse i love you and hope to see you one day,in montreal quebec canada

    -- pierre lauzon.
  • You are a crystal clear channel for the Divine !!!

    -- Siri Akal Singh.
  • Love

    -- Shelley Ryan.
  • simply wonderful spiritually jazzy and joyfull!

    -- Oonagh.
  • There are not enough synonyms for LOVE in the English language to describe how I feel about Jai-Jagdeesh. <3

    -- Alyssa Ralowicz.
  • Love, love, love her music. God sent, Truly inspiring.

    -- Dawn.
  • Darling niece, you have done it again....opened your heart and given forth beautiful soul inspiring music. I couldn't be more proud of you or love you more! The song, Light of Love is simply amazing.....and a shout out for KP!

    -- Gurudass Kaur .
  • ¡ thanks four your friendship ¡ sat nam ! sweet love!

    -- jesus.
  • So kindly...

    -- Fernando Calmon.
  • Thank you for expanding mi spirit through your voice and real essence, as one of God´s angels in my life. My freedom has to do with the vibrations of the universe that you lovely sing.

    -- Adriana Arango.
  • I love love love her! I wish some day to see her preform. For now, I'll watch on youtube and listen to her music while I'm meditating.

    -- Amanda.
  • There is something quite spiritually nurturing about Jai-Jagdeesh, she has truly found her calling. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice xx

    -- Samantha Wilson.
  • Awesome. Totally in love with her music. Changed my life.

    -- Jaydeep Jain.
  • She is like an angel, you can see her aura , bright as the moon . Beautiful lady . I wish i can be like her .

    -- Maria Leon.
  • We saw jai in Alexandria va this past Saturday night,neither of my friends had heard her sing before,we all cried.thank you jai so much.satnam lotusblossom.

    -- Lotusblossom.
  • good

    -- Huagui.
  • I found her music by chance - looking for several versions of Aad Guray Nameh - on youtube. Since then her voice and music touched my heart deeply. Thank you?

    -- Antje Schlesinger.
  • Love the sweet melodic sounds of Jai Jagdeesh ever since the Sat Nam Fest 2011 CD where I heard With you performed. Amazing! Wahe Guru

    -- DAvid Ardelean.
  • I love her!!!

    -- anna leeming.
  • Did not hear it befor ebut looking forward to it.

    -- Sadhna Agrawal.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh takes Kirtan to a deeper level, in my experience. I resonate with her vibration and am grateful for the connection to the ONE through her Divinity.

    -- Shandi.http://www.ariharmonicbalan

  • she has the life Gaia energy like bioluminescenct zoospores surrounding her...

    -- dave warren.
  • I think Jai-jagdeesh is a GIFT!

    -- Marie Maltzie.
  • Absolutely love her! So very excited to be in her grace and beauty and talent.

    -- Mary Beth and Lisa Alibrandi.
  • Excellent! Very inspirational. Beautiful voice.

    -- Jude Lupinetti.
  • Please Grace us with more of your lovely music. I enjoy chanting with your sacred sounds.

    -- Debby.
  • This album has quickly become my favorite! Haven't heard voice so beautiful and melodic since Snatam Kaur. Songs on repeat are I Am Thine and Wahe Guru!!

    -- Patricia.
  • Jai Jagdeesh is an amazing and beautiful soul. I met her at a Kundalini Fall Fest, she makes time for everybody. When you talk to her, you are the only one that matters at that time.

    -- Susan (Shabad Preet).
  • Love her!! trying to get in contact with her.. I photographed her at Synthesis.

    -- Sonja Revells .http://www.sonjarevellsphot
  • I'm trying to find the lyrics to Jai-Jagdeesh's beautiful Sacred Songs.She truly sings with an open heart from the very core of her Divine Being!!!

    -- Shelley.
  • I summon her beautiful voice in my thoughts throughout the day when I can't listen; she gives me hope and peace.

    -- Bryan.
  • sooooooooooo very nice

    -- surinder singh.
  • She is such an inspiration! Soulful with a beautiful voice.

    -- Deb.
  • like

    -- philip.
  • beautiful soul, beautiful voice; the passion soars when she sings.

    -- Natalia La Maestra.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh's sound current reaches every corner of my ancestral cellular congestion and powerfully cleanses them, leaving behind, wholly, only love, peace and the deep sense of sweet gratitude. With thanks.

    -- Isha.
  • love her Aap sahaaee hoa.....what else is she singing? Is it a pauri or a shabad? love and light, Sadhu

    -- Elizabeth Sadhu.
  • she melts me and makes me cry with joy~

    -- Dharam Nidyan.http://www.smokeypointacupu
  • Wow! What a voice. I have been doing Kundalini Yoga for only a month and I love it. My teacher Sadhu in Miami has been my great teacher. He always plays great music during class and private sessions and I discovered Jai-Jagdeesh through him. Her voice just takes me away and is so pleasant, I listen to the "I am Thine" album while stuck in traffic and sang my heart out and go a lot of stares on the highway, lol. Thank you for being so awesome, hope you come to Miami soon to bring your beautiful music!

    -- Audrey Segura.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh has a beautiful soul. She lives her life through the path of love. She is inspiring to me and many others. I would love to see you again. Thank you Jai for sharing your talents and teachings with us. <3

    -- Susan Kuczwara.
  • I felt the most powerful spiritual connection and pull towards finding Jai-Jagdeesh, all I can feel is pure love and light, she is amazing, I would like to meet her personally and tell her of my path to finding her. I would also love to write music with her, and give my message to the world with her mantra's etc. LOVE and Light - Mike Fowler, New Zealand.

    -- michael fowler.
  • Gold; Blessings in abundance. Can't say Thank you enough. I love my ever expanding Sikh Family. TY Lord, and Guru Granth Sahib Ji. TY for this blessed life.

    -- Elin .
  • Her voice, dancing, and yoga are superb! I just saw her on the first concert of her tour, 9/18/12 in State College, PA and can't wait to see her again in concert.

    -- Carolyn Johnson.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh has an amazing voice and presence. She sings like an angel. Can't wait to see her at Integral in NYC. Thank you Jai! Shanti

    -- Deb Tangen.
  • jai-jagdeesh you are doing really great.i and all sikhs in the world feels the same about you.GOD BLESS YOU

    -- Amaninder singh Khalsa.
  • Jai-Jagdeesh, Ram Dass and Hargobind just graced our community in concert - WHAT A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE! People who have long loved kirtan and newbies alike were deeply moved by the groups synergy, dynamism and creative expression. Thank you for sending them our way, and PLEASE SEND THEM BACK AGAIN SOON.

    -- Nihal Kaur.http:// .com/site/kundaliniyogasantacruz/
  • touches my heart.. thanks

    -- Veet Sandeh.
  • I love the voice of Jai it's just wonderful

    -- siri atma kaur.
  • I love to hear her , she transports me to heaven !! Blesses for you all !! Im very happy i could buy her album on line !!

    -- Adriana Ramos.
  • Beautiful. Inspiring. Brave. Lovely. Moving. Infinite.

    -- Sarah.
  • Wonderful, thank you Jai-Jagdeesh.

    -- MariaIrena. ision
  • wow what i think of her songs goes byond words.... her song i am thine makes me cry..., my heart cries but of joy, i feel gods touch, literally. i am form paraguay, southamerica

    -- noel herzog.
  • Where can I find the lyrics of her song Mayray Govindaa, and in general of other songs that I buy on MP3?

    -- Maite Alonso.
  • Such a pleasure to meet you at Sat Nam Festival in Joshua Tree. I can't tell you how blessed we all are to have had your spirit and energy moving us so by just sharing your call to the divinity in each of us. And to think we had you singing to accompany our yoga classes is totally Wahe Guru! "I Am Thine" still brings tears to my eyes as my heart overflows with the love that you allow to flow through you. I hope you will come to Northern California (SF Bay Area) for a performance in the near future too. Ang Sang Wahe Guru

    -- Hari Sangat Singh.
  • soulful and peaceful....thank you!

    -- Samantha.
  • Beautiful, an angel's voice. Straight into my heart. Thank you.

    -- Lisa George.
  • acabo de abrir mis ojos a una nueva vida y me encuentro con personas como jai-jagdeesh queilumnan el camino con su musica

    -- patricio reyes.
  • Beautiful...Heart opening music Sat

    -- Graham.
  • just beautiful..Sat NAm Beauty Abound

    -- dorrie.
  • i love your work. THANK YOU for following your divine knowing

    -- mitzi avila.http://www.heartsynctherapi
  • Magical and searing through to to the heart

    -- cheryl.
  • From the first note, heart opened wide. More please!

    -- Jack Coelho (Jai Jeet Sangeet Singh).http://www.vitalbodystudio. com
  • thankyou for being here love and blessings my sister :-))

    -- allen henshaw.
  • I cannot stop listening to "I Am Thine." It just breaks the heart wide open. Please put out more music Jai-Jagdeesh!

    -- Caroline Hesse.
  • heartfelt and heart opening thank you

    -- tara connie.
  • She has a moving voice so like to Snatam Kaur! They both went to the Amritsar school. It is fantastic to have another superior voice to sing us our amazing chants!

    -- Gurmukh Kaur, Australia.
  • so beautiful and touching.thank you.christel joy kluth

    -- christel joy kluth.http://www.touchyourenergy. com
  • Sat Nam, what a wonderful blessing to hear these sacred mantras sung with such flowing Grace. Heartfelt thanks Jai-Jagdeesh. Wahe Guru

    -- Prabhu Preet Kaur.
  • Lovely and Fresh

    -- Guru Gopal kaur.
  • beautiful and inspiring

    -- Anne Duffey.http://www.openinglotusyoga .com
  • I know Jai-Jagdeesh as a dancer. When I was at the yoga studio I asked what was the latest good CD? They suggested I Am Thine. The sound was new to me. Her voice resonated. The music soulful and deeply meaningful. I have been hooked and was wondering if she had another CD yet. So now I'm gladly going to get The Expansive Spirit. That's exactly what her music does for me. Sat Nam is all around this Princess Divine. Thank you!

    -- Ad Sach Kaur.
  • Awesome. <3

    -- Julie M. Fisch.
  • Taking time out of a busy schedule to say yet again what a great discovery this website has been. This Album by Jai-Jadeesh has been like a huge breath of fresh air to a weary soul! (hard start to 2012!) I stumbled across the Artist purely by accident from seeing her wonderful live rendition of Aad Guray Namay at Spirit Fest last year on YouTube. I then bought her album and what an absolute treasure. Contempory, relevant yet all the elements of history, tradition and respectful worship. It has been on constant play since I purchased it……fabulous. I’ve said before when I first discovered Snatam Kaur, I just love how this music speaks to me so strongly when I am neither Sikh and a woman of colour (must say I don’t see many of us at your events, maybe I will have to come out to the States one day and change that!) For me this music cuts effortlessly across all boundaries of class, religion or colour as long as you are open to receive and I am humbled to have discovered it. I will be keeping an eye out for this artist in the future as I believe her best is yet to come. With Grateful, heartfelt thanks Janet

    -- Janet Campbell.
  • A complete artist, actor, dancer, singer who wraps up art into an organic whole wit her spiritual path.

    -- Joe Daoud Martin.
  • kind and sweet

    -- Guru Purkh.
  • A beautiful passionate voice that permeates the soul. Thank you,

    -- Howard Worth.
  • What a beautifully and lovingly crafted piece of work. Spiritual, Soulful and Rocking, what a combo!

    -- Rickie Dickerson.
  • Fantastic, resonant, heartfelt and real. Wonderful voice; great energy.

    -- Chris Lonsdale.
  • I have seen few artists who, so totally as Jai does,heart and soul, give themselves to their art. To see her sing, dance, or act, is to witness and experience such deep joyful immersion. She inspires me personally, and artistically. Do not miss seeing her live!

    -- Sat Kartar Kaur.http://www.satkartarmusic.c om
  • Universal soul music. The voice of the mother, the sister, the daughter, the friend, the lover, who knows you, stands by you, who relieves you with her listening...and with her song.

    -- Judy Harger-Gedeon.
  • Love the voice, the depth and the Radiant! Karampal

    -- Karampal.http://www.devineyogawear.c om
  • My soul feels so healed and celebrated when I listen tothis CD. It is one of the best albums I've ever heard Thank You!! Sat Namxo

    -- Kirinjot Kaur.
  • Touches the soul. Loved it!

    -- Kirinbir Kaur.
  • Sweet and innocent, the essence of the divine goddess. Thanks and Praises Jah, Jah! Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

    -- Santokhpal Singh.
  • Beautiful voice, dont want to stop listening...beautiful creation of God

    -- Inna Pashina.
  • Thank you. Her voice is warm and touchfull.

    -- Sonja Verberne.
  • My deep thanks and Gratitude to Spirit Voyage. Dear beautiful soul of Jai - Jagdersh :) Thanks for letting me hear Your divine voice of beautiful energies from Heaven :) This is truly Divine LIght and Love :) I can feel this vibrations in the voice. Blessings from Linda (Norway)

    -- Linda Aronsen.

    -- Vivian B. Quattlebaum.