Song of the Soul

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Song TitleLengthListen to All Clips
1. Guru Ram Das ChantMantra / Song Info8:42
2. Ik ArdasMantra / Song Info8:05
3. Aad SuchMantra / Song Info7:27
4. Ong NamoMantra / Song Info7:19
5. Jap JiMantra / Song Info34:26




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  • Product: Song of the Soul
    This CD is magical and beautiful. The Japji arrangement is ingenious and beyond beautiful. Thank you for this musical masterpiece. Sat Nam, Margaret Trezza
    -- Margaret Trezza.
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  • Product: Song of the Soul
    Enchanting and beautiful, it surrounds you with love. You will find yourself savoring every note. This music will carry you beyond the stars and fill you with peace. I hope you open all the windows and let it sail out to the world !
    -- Mary A..

  • Sat Hari Singh

    • Great!

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      -- Jessica Rydén
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    • I was very interested to hear Sat Hari Singh speak on Hayhouse. The music played during the interview was so beautiful. Could you tell me the name and where I can purchase this music? Thank you very much.

      -- Jo-Ann.
    • Ich erinnerte mich an Klaus Stülpnagel, als ich neulich dieses Foto fand (würde ich gern schicken) und trinke nun fast täglich "seinen" Yogi Tee, freue mich an den Sprüchen. Herzliche Grüße, Ulli Finke

      -- Ulrike Finke.
    • Love album,Servant of the heart! Thank-you

      -- Patricia.
    • Amazing beautiful and uplifting. Sat Nam. Marise.

      -- Marise.
    • waheguru bless you could you tell me do you have whole Nitnem bani in your voice

      -- Harjit Singh
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    • Sat Hari Singh! And yet another beautiful CD....WaheGuru! The Aad Such is totally amazing and I can't get enough of it.....Mucho love, Gurudass Kaur

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      -- Gurudass Kaur.
    • Very soothing voice.. May Satguru bless

      -- Inderjit Singh.