Pure Ganesh

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Song TitleLengthListen to All Clips
1. Ek Ong KarMantra / Song Info7:54
2. MaMantra / Song Info10:41
3. In the Light of My SoulMantra / Song Info7:40
4. Adi ShaktiMantra / Song Info7:12
5. HarinamMantra / Song Info7:22
6. Guru Ram DasMantra / Song Info7:19




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  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    Love it

  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    Dancing with you Always
    -- Corbin.

  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
    -- Tobi.

  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    Thank you. I just love and appreciate you're music. Thank you.
    -- Tobi.

  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    I love this album! I can´t stop listening to this music, it has inspired me so much!! The combination of Ganesh and Snatam Kaur is something unwordly! Beuatifl!!! ! Thank you so much! for bringing such love and light to our world...!! From the bottom of my heart and soul!! with much love and gratitude.. Sat Nam... Onna
    -- Onna.

  • Product: Pure Ganesh
    When GuruGanesha and Krishan were working on this album, there was so much creativity flowing. It came out so joyful and with so much love.
    -- Snatam Kaur.

GuruGanesha Singh

  • I really enjoy GuruGanesha Singh! Thank you!

    -- Arielle Hart.
  • Fantastic

    -- Tess.
  • Maestro of musician working with a great team.

    -- Gurwant.
  • excelente

    -- elizabeth rodriguez.

    -- KARAN.
  • I am inspired to raise myself to the next level.

    -- master pa.
  • i want

    -- sushil.http://https://www.facebook .com/PlanetCare
  • You all rock. Thank you.

    -- Me... .
  • They were awesome in concert!

    -- aimee.
  • adorei

    -- Anna strauss.
  • beautiful voice love to listen

    -- malgorzata.
  • I love GuruGanesha Singh and Guru Ram Das is a special chant in my life.

    -- Ohana.http://www.ohananery.com
  • need it for work out

    -- felix.
  • Fantastic musician

    -- Bruce Johnson.http://nonr
  • Fantastic musician

    -- Norman DeBlois.http://nonr
  • Thy will be done. Awesome song. Am working on Step 3 and its perfect. thanks

    -- linda.
  • Guru Ganesha always rocks my socks off. A real favorite musician.

    -- Say Guru Singh.
  • Great for yoga practice

    -- victoria.
  • I'm not a Hindu, I'm Buddhist, but I really like GuruGanesha Singh's music, it is very pleasing and refreshing to listen to!

    -- R Smith.
  • Love Guru Ram Days love song so beautiful

    -- maria wagner.
  • LOVE

    -- Rita Howe.
  • GuruGanesha is awesome. Danced and sang with them in Boulder and loved every minute of it! Thank you!!

    -- Peggy.
  • I love it!!

    -- mararia rey.
  • Connection made..Need more...

    -- Muddhaa.
  • amazzing

    -- gabby.
  • pure bliss !

    -- Reggie.
  • Nature n pure feeling, so great ?

    -- wen sk.
  • Fantastic and Inspirational Band.

    -- Rui Moniz.http://facebook.com/ruimoniz
  • the best!! Who could imagine Bhatki/ Rock n roll

    -- tod sherman.
  • His music is just wonderful and his young voice gives the mantras a friendly energy. Great artist and man. I truly admire him. :D

    -- Agnidevi.
  • Love pure love

    -- Richard Hernandez.http://aol.com
  • this girl is the best,you need to use her on all,if not mot of your songs.polm devi

    -- robert.
  • Very nice. I write spiritual songs. And sing them too. We should share so something new happens for the Eternal within all of us.

    -- shuddha.http://www.dadashri.org
  • wonderful

    -- polly.
  • Very grateful to have found this link via a Snatam Kaur post. Trying to figure out how to buy their latest album :)

    -- John Stone.http://www.spiritual-dreams .consciousdreaming.org/
  • They're a wonderfull group

    -- Claudio L Paravidino Lemos.
  • Wonderful new discovery for me! Really enjoyed moving to Paloma Devi and the GuruGanesha Band. Voices and instruments are amazing. So glad the cello is included. Hope to own "A Thousand Suns" soon. --Mary Brauninger

    -- Mary Brauninger.
  • tellement beau! bravo!

    -- Lucie.
  • My most favorite thing to do, sit by the lake, feeling the earth around me, With GuruGanesha's soft chants bring me to a new self, my body sways, my mind expands, my heart cries in perfect love

    -- Kimberly Lucas.
  • <3 Love this group;Male then, female vocals amazing; cello is such a nice sound.

    -- Trueheart.
  • Beautiful and uplifting ....

  • Beautiful..music for the heart,brings out the essence of life..Love

    -- odalys perez.
  • I end my day now with this beautiful music/mantra. Looking forward to the CD.

    -- Anne Christine.http://openinglotusyoga.com
  • Nourishing

    -- Aykanna.http://aykanna.com
  • I have personally seen and met GGS on many occasions. He has a special quality and ability to raise everyones' spirit when he plays. His notes and style are uncomparable and sets him apart from other great guitarists, Thank you.

    -- PAul Knight.http://www.coldlaserworld.c om
  • Wonderful

    -- Helen Hammarberg.
  • Beautiful, touching my heart in a very special way, thank you , blessings and love,

    -- Janette.
  • so beautiful...thank you so much

    -- Carla.
  • Fabulous. guruGanesha is the Mick Jagger of kirtan!

    -- Loretta Di Gennaro.
  • Great! i want to hear more!

    -- Dave Donaldson.
  • namaste!!amo voces!!

    -- maria fouraux mena.
  • beatiful music heartfilled gratitude and love compassion joy

    -- markus gross.
  • Awesome

    -- eric karie.
  • I really love how you introduce new music every week it allows us to listen a get to know the artiste before buying there music THXS

    -- JAG Laurin.
  • great sound and vibration

    -- lori Markowitz.
  • Thank You

    -- Ryan.
  • Amazing

    -- Sarabjeet.
  • I love his voice and all he can move in my soul with his songs. Thnaks to share his music.

    -- Carmen Zepeda.
  • LOVE

    -- Karen Wiemokly.
  • Joy is now

    -- paola.
  • Soul Soul Thank YOU!!

    -- Lawrence Conlan.http://NetworkSpinalAwakeni ng.com
  • Music so beautiful, brings tears to my eyes!!

    -- deborah.
  • He rocks

    -- Anne Marie Grødeland.
  • His music found me a few years ago, and I've been listening and chanting with it ever since. I love to see the vids of him playing, he rocks!

    -- Michael Parris.
  • like his music as can deepen my sole.. very good voice

    -- Pauline Juang.
  • Was at his concert in NJ with a friend. WOW! I feel like a groupie at this point I have all his cd's. His new band is FABULOUS. I can sum it up in three words...Heart Opening Joy!

    -- Louise V.
  • love him!

    -- mahnpahl kaur.http://mantrakitchen.com
  • His voice and guitar playing are amazing. Love him singing with Snatam. My two favorites!!

    -- Sharon Morin.
  • Incredible music and amazing person!!!

    -- Jagat Joti.
  • Very armonic.,,,nice, Good Me guto mucho. I liked it very much

    -- Gabriel.
  • He ROCKS!!!!!

    -- Louise .
  • His playing the guitar is so wonderful.I really enjoy listening to his music.

    -- Ravibir Kaur.
  • He's my favorite! xo

    -- Phil.
  • Like all the music and singers I have the pleasure of listening to, different style, but clear cut and joyosly happy.

    -- Robin.
  • I have a Buddha crush on GuruGanesha Singh ! I love his music and his spirit !

    -- hari bhajan kaur.
  • I love your new CD. Thanks from germany...

    -- Katja Zborala.
  • I love him!!

    -- Sarah Bettien-Ash.
  • Love him!

    -- Marie.
  • Love him!

    -- Diane Nassir.
  • Love him!!!!

    -- Diane Nassir.
  • I really enjoy his voice and the guitar has a special sound that I like.

    -- gailia.
  • Hari Om just "gr8"

    -- raju.
  • GuruGanesha Singh Me enriquece tu musica. Infinitas gracias.

    -- Guru Karta Kaur.
  • Absolutely LOVE his guitar playing.

    -- Dee.
  • Awesome! Thank you for sharing it. God bless his voice and music.

    -- Yineth.http://www.spiritvoyage.com /mp3download/Free-Guru-Ram-Das-Chant/GuruGanesha-Singh/ALB-900019.aspx#
  • http://www.spiritvoyage.com/yoga/Pure-Ganesh/GuruGanesha-Singh/CDS-001655.aspx

    -- abhishek.http://yahoo
  • LOVE!

    -- Charleen Predmore.
  • It ROCKS!

    -- Tobi.
  • i love him!!

    -- mahnpahl kaur.
  • Very very good, god bless him for this beautiful mucics

    -- bhajanjot Singh.http://bij-fluir.blogspot.c om/
  • GuruGanesha is a "Bright Star" illuminating the way with his music...

    -- Chris k.
  • Stellar - his music, his compositions, his work with Snatam. Looking forward to seeing him in NYC in June.

    -- Pat McKenzie.
  • He is so hot. I mean, for his age!

    -- Lola Crumpet.
  • "A rock is not bothered by the river", a phrase I think about when I listen to this music. Just let go and be everything we are ment to be. We are all in one and carry all within.

    -- Kimberly Lucas.
  • radically amazing, he's bridged the gap and I want to be a roadie :)

    -- Angelina Butera.http://www.angelinabutera.c om
  • Linda musica

    -- lizz.
  • Singh Sahib you are awesome !!!

    -- Simar deep singh.
  • an azing musician!!

    -- daniela fuenzalida.
  • I love his humor, devotion and rock n roll Kirtan.

    -- Dharamraj Kaur (Jules).
  • Just beautiful music!

    -- Patricia Balconi.
  • Thank You for you music. And... Gracias por su sonrisa :) Love & Peace.

    -- Myriam .
  • No one compares to you! You are THE BEST! Just love your voice, your beautiful guitar playing and of course your wonderful energy! sat Nam!

    -- Siri Chand Kaur.http://manymoonsyoga.com
  • very blessed...tq

    -- Nash Bhullar.
  • <3

    -- CHERYL.
  • I think GuruGanesha music is very enjoyable. I like it all esp the one with a Middle Eastern music in the background. I wish to know the words for song 2, Kundalini Surjhee...can it be sent to me on facebook, pls.

    -- Gurwant Kaur.
  • I've been fortunate to see GuruGanesha perform live in Vancouver three times now, and every time he blows me away with his talent, passion, and open hearted genuine nature. Most recently, I was incredibly impressed with his solo performance of Bright Star; it was an enigmatic, connected, heart-opening experience. My only hope is that GuruGangesha Singh will perform more as a solo artist -- I would LOVE to hear his CD versions of Wah Yantee, and the Mul Mantra LIVE. The guitar strums of Mul Mantra mixed with his healing voice makes my heart ache in a good way. So beautiful. Thank you for shining your Light ever so bright!

    -- Kirsten Hansen.http://www.embrace-your-des tiny.com
  • GuruGanesha Singh is pure joy wrapped up in human form. Having the good fortune to spend time in his presence with Snatam Kaur in Seattle was so inspiring. Spirit jumps in his body as he plays spilling out and infecting all of us. Cute, adorable and so very talented. Blessings, blessings, blessings. Can't wait for April when he comes to Seattle again with Tina Malia, who is also an ascended angel......what joy!

    -- Laya.http://www.smokeypointacupu ncture.com
  • The closest human to pure energy I have ever been blessed to know.

    -- Baldev.
  • that laughing photo with guitar is pure joy. SO captures you. I LOVE IT!! Bright star is awesome, Tina Malia, wow, another angelic voice to soothe us, thank you! see you in Montreal! xo Suzy

    -- Suzy Fouad.
  • come to Bali please

    -- deborah wilson.http:/
  • love themusic

    -- satnam jessica.
  • Thank you for your loving presence, for your huge openheartedness, and for your wonderful music. You have certainly been given a profound gift of genius on the guitar, and your music is a blessing to the world. Thank you for your untiring work for Peace -- Holding the vision of peace for the entire world. Namaste!

    -- Linda Cosand.
  • I bow to you. Thank you for your music.

    -- Har Anand.http://blissthroughgratitud e.blogspot.com/
  • Making beautiful music!!!Shanti and rock'n'roll at the same time, and really warm and funny in person:))) Wahe Guru Guru Ganesha-ji :)

    -- Jeuline.http://joylovebliss.blogspo t.com
  • Thank you for the beautiful warm energy you bring to your music and your excellent guitar playing. You have inspired me to take up my guitar again after many years of it sitting idle. Bright Blessings. =)

    -- Ross Cotton.http://tolemac.net/blog
  • Your kirtans light up a room with light and love!

    -- Kate Donlon.
  • He is magical! I loved GuruGanesha Singh the first time I saw him. He is like an antenna in-tune with the heavens. His seat is firmly rooted setting a foundation to infinity!

    -- Kateri Porto.
  • GuruGanesha is a truly compassionate and authentic Being. To spend time in his presence one can feel the peace, love and joy that radiate from within him. The workshop he gave (Chanting and the Art of Happiness), almost two years ago now, continues to be a daily inspiration. A butterfly, having emerged, now flys free. Namo. Namaste.

    -- Monika M.
  • I hope that now that your concert tour has allowed for a bit of a hiatus, I pray that you can find the time to rest and recharge your batteries...and give those magic fingers a break. Your kirtan (with and without Snatam) has been the backing soundtrack for this yatra! May God bless you. And may you continue to be an instrument of His peace!

    -- Father Scott Kingsbury.http://fatherkingsbury.blog spot.com/
  • I have had the pleasure to be with GuruGanesh and loved his stories,music & his love of chants take over our hearts. Such joy to be with him!!

    -- Pat Denardo.http:// none
  • Guru Ganesha is just so cool!! I was looking for music some time ago and " "accidently" found a cd of his online. ( it wasnt spirit voyage, that surprise came later !) well, I listened then, for the first time, to kundalini chant music and was touched to the core of my being. Who is this guy? What is this sound ? It felt incredible!!!! I felt connected to something beautiful. I have been listening and loving it ever since. He makes mantra and melody an amazing experience. His voice and his guitar are one of a kind and I smile with such happiness everytime I hear it. I really feel one of his gifts to the earth is to simply be joy and in being, he brings joy to everyone. The flow feels so effortless. In one word..to me, Guru Ganesha = HAPPINESS ! Finding all of the fantastic music offered at Spirit Voyage has changed my life. I am forever grateful . SATNAM

    -- Mary A..
  • A great man who has the conviction that all people are worthy.

    -- Frank.
  • I think he is Truly Wonderfull

    -- Grant Baccetti.
  • I think he is amazing!!!!

    -- Alex Mathisen.
  • At the concert in Auburn on Tuesday May 12th, Snatam said GuruGanesha Singh made every night feel like a Saturday night. She was absolutely right. He is a celebration of life, a sea of love and an unbelievable guitarist. Thanks so much to all of you for a heavenly concert and for the peace you left us all with. I pray for your van to make it back here real soon or better yet, for a newer turbo one to bring you back even faster! Thanks again.

    -- Cindy Prado.

    -- Ricky Singer.