Manual de Kriyas para Instructores de Kundalini Yoga

Manual de Kriyas para Instructores de Kundalini Yoga

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Yogi Bhajan

  • My master... an example... his teachings are my daily guide

    -- Kewal Kaur.
  • he is a Guru og Kundalini yoga and teacher

    -- G.Erla Kristjánsdóttir.
  • Yogi Bhajan is like the gruff, scary uncle that you know has your best interests at heart. Even if you never met him.

    -- Marcel.
  • YOGI BHAJAN was(is) my friend and colleague. we taught workshops together on HEALING THE HEALERS in santa fe, NM He is a profound healer and teacher who still sends us guidance.

    -- dr norman w kat.
  • what Yogi Bhajan says is so TRUE Sat Nam, Lotus Devi

    -- Karen Lorraine Collado.
  • can't imagine life without his teachings

    -- Konstantina.http://www.classical homeop
  • Awesome!

    -- jessi.

  • love him

    -- cecilia.
  • Spirit Voyage yoga dvd

    -- Chris Palmer.http://Spirit
  • A teacher of loving peace!

    -- Patty C.
  • I love his teachings and books. My Kundalini teacher is also wonderful

    -- Elizabeth Gonzalez.
  • The Charka Yoga

    -- Chris Palmer.http://Charka
  • Yogi Bhajan was a great leader, a man of deep thoughts. A person who could really bring transformation. I respect him always !

    -- roop.
  • I opened my third eye and I'm only's a bit overwhelming but yoga has helped me get there.

    -- Alicia.
  • tengo una ñieta de tres años que le gusta el yoga para niños es muy relajante para ellos

    -- ana.
  • The best I know

    -- Anandjeet Kaur.

    -- RAMA.

    -- Yasmin Leon.
  • I Hear its a great book

    -- Karen .
  • grande maestro meraviglioso

    -- guru atma kaur.
  • He's my teacher du jour -- actually, past several years!

    -- Alan.

  • Through his Teachings I learned to let Go... I discovered how much strength I had within... To live, breathe, and teach with compassion... To Him, to You, to all in Gratitude I bow... Sat Nam...

    -- Harlal Kaur.

  • great gift to world by creater, for people whoever want to correct themselve

    -- prakash singh.
  • a modern day Jesus

    -- jasbir.
  • Thank you...............

    -- Gurushanti Kaur.
  • A man of peace, love and light..A gifted blessed soul. I am grateful for his teachings.

    -- Lisa Freund.
  • very good

    -- Semret Singh.
  • Considering I was blessed to be one of Siri Singh Sahib's personal security Jethadars (sp) for over 20 years I can only say that I pray for the wisdom and courage to equal one millionth of His.

    -- Qudrat Singh .
  • an inspiration to all. an amzing human being with so much he has given the world. beautilful teachings that complete your soul.

    -- steph.
  • Love, Love, Love

    -- Amrit Hamilton.
  • Amazing man. Never met him, but he has changed my life so drastically. Love you Yogi Bhaian.

    -- Sasha.
  • Excitingly full of potentials

    -- David Thompson.
  • Great teacher!

    -- Jorge.
  • love u

    -- linda MULLIN WELCH. sacredbelly
  • Thankyou for this truly awakening site!"

    -- Diana.
  • Los DVD son en ingles o también tienen subtítulos , me interesan mucho pero obviamente en español gracias

    -- Alejandra Sanchez.
  • I like buy dvd for Yogui Bhajan in spanish were I can comunique

    -- Alejandra Sanchez.
  • I love it, He is my spiritual teacher.

    -- Guadalupe Ceceña Mazcorro.
  • I love it, He is my spiritual teacher.

    -- Guadalupe Ceceña Mazcorro.
  • I love it. I am using his voice now to hold my focus on patience.

    -- c chandler.
  • I love it. I am using his voice now to hold my focus on patience.

    -- c chandler.
  • My 5 years in 3HO were a blessing as was having Yogi gi as my spiritual teacher.My Washinhton DC Ahimsa family is always in my heart!!! Jaimie/Guru Vir Singh k.

    -- Jaimie R Gamler/Guru Vir Singh.
  • Yogi Bhajan Singh hi is A very great parson and I like him thank you

    -- didar singh.
  • he gave my husband back to me. now he has someone to believe in - thank you

    -- donna paradise.
  • I love yogi Bahjan, I have spent yearss searching for something, I have tried numerous traditions & modalities, I have flirted with many teachers, but none felt right, nothing really resonated with me. Then just 5 short months ago ( or was it lifetimes ago?) I was introduced to Yogi Bahjan and beloved Kundalini Yoga and from the first note of my first mantra I knew I was home, at last I had found what I had spent years searching for, at last I'm home and for that i will spend the rest of my life thanking God any my beloved Yogi Bhajan. I kissed many spiritual frogs......... but I have finally found my spiritual prince charming. Yogi Bahjan, thank you for incarnating when you did to show us all the way home when we were so lost.

    -- E.
  • I love his teachings.

    -- roya deljou.